Gate to Valhalla is recruiting. Casual-competitive alliance looking for similarly minded players

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Gate to Valhalla is recruiting!
Sister to the well established, casual-competitive, Ravens of Valhalla

It’s a place that began as a home for former Ravens to get some much needed R&R - away from the active struggle of top-tier level play - while also allowing any aspiring Ravens-to-be a nest to hatch in :slightly_smiling_face: In time, it sorta took on a life of its own, and now, it has become well-past-deserving of its own thread :relaxed:

The Gist
Invite Only
1200+ Trophy Requirement
Battling up to 10* Titans
War is optional; if opted in, use all flags
Communication is key; any absences away should be notified, or else…
Extended periods of unexplained inactivity will result in a kick
Most importantly: have fun
…and as GtV fills up and grows, so, too, will this alliance, it’s members, and it’s titans :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While both alliances fit under “casual-competitive”, Ravens of Valhalla is definitely our more competitive [of the two], while Gate to Valhalla is more casual. So depending on your priorities, and place in the game, will help determine which is truly the better fit [for you] :relaxed:

But the best part about both alliances?!

You get to play on your terms

No one telling you who to hit when, judging you for not having x hero, or meeting y TP; we’re all inclusive :slightly_smiling_face:(& In the Gate, even moreso, since we don’t have to be as strict about hitting titans :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) & No matter what, we all will treat you with the camaraderie, kindness and respect that we all deserve from one another :blush:

It’s why this simple alliances truly feel like family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you want more information ~
What’s being a Raven mean?!
Well, quite a lot actually. We’ve got members stretching from all over the world - from almost all continents, age groups and cultures. We’re a welcoming, accepting, warm, engaging and supportive group of people, who enjoy the game almost as much as we enjoy each other’s company :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Treating each other with kindness, and respect, is a way of life for a Raven :slightly_smiling_face: We don’t enjoy drama, or negativity, in the slightest :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Sounds too good to be true, right?! Well… It’s not)

Our motto, and what to expect ~
No drama. No crazy rules. No pressure.
What to Expect
Now, in the Gate, we don’t have quite as high of standards. You’re still expected to be active, but:
There’s plenty room for players just starting out - still getting a feel for the game - to learn, grow and blossom without the added pressure; there’s no requirements past playing.
There’s also room for experienced players who’ve just had enough with the daily grind and status quo, and need a break, a vacation, or a place where they can finally kick up their feet, breathe in, and relax; no presumptions about meeting certain titan scores, item usages, TP etc.
Lastly, there’s also room for players who are just sick of their current standings, and would love to try a more inclusive, welcoming alliance for a change.
Plus, any players who enter the ranks of GtV are automatically considered and approved for our more competitive Ravens of Valhalla if/when the time comes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (our sister does get first dibs on all of our future openings :wink:) So if RoV is the sort of alliance you [eventually] wanna be in, GtV is a great place to get your foot in the door, and truly learn what the Raven culture is all about [first-hand]!
So long as you wanna play, and give it a try, well then, that’s all we need [from you] :relaxed:


Now, if this sounds more like your speed than your current circumstances - no matter your
level/standing in the game - give us a shout! I’m sure we’d love to have you, and get you integrated into the family as soon as possible :relaxed:

ID: liamk_eandp
Contact me anytime + I’ll answer any questions here, (or there), too :relaxed:

We’re currently at 15/30 and killing 9* Titans. Members range in levels from 48 to 85 and def team TP from 4000 to 5000 so we have room for a wide range of players


The Path of Valor has ended and another one will begin soon, this time with only a 30 day time frame to complete the challenges.

Worried that you can’t complete the Titan mission? Tired of having to cajole others to finish off a Titan? Come and join us hunt down the Titans needed. We usually complete the required number with time to spare so even if you miss one or two, we’ll help you catch up. We’re currently hitting 9* titans so everyone can contribute regardless of roster strength. Unsure of what heroes to use for a good score, we can advise you too.

Only 1200 cups required. No other requirements other than to have fun and contribute to the Alliance in whatever capacity you can. War is optional, though PoV will need that too.

Drop me a LINE chat at ID: liamk_eandp if you want to know more and don’t wish to post in the forum.

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7 days to go in the new, shorter Path of Valor. Are you having trouble completing the Defeat Titans challenge? Here are the Gate, most of us just need 1 more and even those who have missed a couple due to real-life will make it. Then we will start preparing for the next one.

Also coming up next week is the Clash of Knights Alliance Quest. We’ve unlocked the Hard mode each time this has run and we’ll do it again this time even at fewer than 30 members. If you have trouble completing the Event, we’ll help with your roster and strategy.

Currently we are at 18 members ranging from level 33 to 86. Only a low 1200 cups need and no other requirements other than to have fun and contribute as you can to the alliance. War is optional and we’re hitting 9* and 10* Titans.

Sounds like your kind of deal? We’re always open to players who want to enjoy the game in a casual, yet rewarding way. Just search for us : Gate to Valhalla

Drop me a LINE chat at ID: liamk_eandp if you want to know more and don’t wish to post in the forum.

Another month and another POV with Titans completed with a week to spare

We’re now up to 22 members and killing 10* Titans regularly now. Chances of good loot

Come join us and we can get stronger together. 1200 cups minimum and no 5* hero requirement. Just contribute as much as you can and most importantly, Have fun!

Find us at Gate to Valhalla or look for me in Line if you have more questions

Bumping the thread.

After some turnover, we’re now at 16 members and fighting 9* and 10* Titans. PoV will be ending soon, so if you’re looking for a change, look us up at “Gate to Valhalla” or chat me up in Line at liamk_eandp

Whats overall participation like? Im tired of being in alliance wher 10plus dont hit titans and leftover flagsin war. Me and potentially 7 others are considering looking for a new home.

For titans, we might have 1 or 2 miss out due to RL and timezone difference, especially if the titan goes down very fast. We also don’t have trouble hitting 1st harpoon mark (2 for Rares), though item usage is not compulsory. Most of us have completed the PoV titan mission with days to spare.

War-wise, in the last 6 wars we have left a total of 4 flags and 3 of that was because of an emergency.

You are welcome to drop in and have a look around.


We are 2 points from war chest currently so within 2 wars i will look onto moving if theres still enough space for the potential 8 of us. We are all extremely active and use all flags. Some are f2p some are c2p.


Gate to Valhalla is an amazing alliance @Predatorhunter

Very nice people, knowledgable members, great community

I am sure you will enjoy your time there! Highly recommended


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@Liam_K we shall be ready to nove over soon possibly over time due to different timezones. Do you need a list of members who will join so you know who to accept?. Also i dont use line hope thats ok. I do have discord though.

Have submitted a join request.

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Looking for a new alliance to hang out after the current POV? Part of the Ravens of Valhalla family, the Gate to Valhalla is a casual-competitive group of players whose main aim is to have fun playing this game.

An infusion of new blood has brought our membership up to 25 and we’ve gone from an alliance ranked between 6000-7000 to within the top 3000.

We’re now killing 12* titans regularly, and those are rewarding too!

October sees the return of the Clash of Knights Alliance Quest, and we’ve never missed unlocking the Legendary stages. So if you want to try something your current alliance doesn’t prioritize, come and join us.

Minimal cups required and no TP minimum or OP heroes required. Though for full disclosure, we punch above our weight in wars (4 wins in the last 5) so do get matched up often with stronger opponents.

Interested but have questions? Reply here or chat me up on LINE ID: liamk_eandp if you prefer more privacy

Joined a while ago good people very happy with the alliance.

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October is coming to a close and it has surely been an eventful one

We killed our first 13* Titan and are now killing 12*s regularly

Also scored above 7000 points in a war for the first time

Best ranking ever for Mythic Titan and Alliance Quest as well

We’re not a top 1000 alliance yet, but we’re getting there. Want to be part of the journey? We’re currently at 25 members so spots available for like minded players. Casual but competitive, no pressure to spend and own the latest shiny heroes. Drop me a chat on Line or find us at Gate to Valhalla

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End of November approaching, and another milestone reached at the Gate. We killed our first 14* Titan! :tada:

It’s a one-off thing at the moment since we’re more comfortable killing 12* Titans with the occasional 13* here and there. But as we get stronger, it will happen more frequently.

End of this month also marks the arrival of new the Alliance Event Monster Island. We’re looking forward to another way for the members to play together. In December, there is also a new Musketeers Alliance Quest. Want to be part of the fun and excitement?

We’re at 24 members and are always on the lookout for like-minded players to join us. We currently have experienced members from all over the globe with levels ranging from 58 to 90, and team TPs ranging from 4600-5100+. It doesn’t matter if you’re F2P, C2P, or P2P. Or if you’ve gotten stronger and ready to face new challenges, or a long-time player looking for something different. As long as you enjoy the game as much as we do and contribute in whatever way you can. We do have a minimum cup requirement of 1800, mainly because of the titans we kill as well as the alliances we face in War.

If you’re planning to join just for the Alliance Events, that is fine as well. Who knows, maybe you will like things here and will stay longer :smile:

Current membership : 24/30
Levels : 58-90
Defense TP : 4600-5100+
Titans : 12* with occasional 13*
Min Cups : 1800

If you’re interested to know more, drop me a chat on Line : liamk_eandp or find us at Gate to Valhalla

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