Recruiting Ravens-Waiting List

Currently FULL, but we are taking a waiting list.

We are an international casually competitive alliance chaining 14* titans. We always get our titans, early on with hours to spare. We expect members to hit the titans, and use all war flags if opted into war. Our alliance is filled with active, engaged, and friendly alliance members.

The Ravens of Valhalla has been around for 4 years, and that is reflected in our long-standing membership, and the three alliances that connect.

We now have something for everyone!

Ravens of Valhalla[Ӽ] is the casually competitive alliance.
The Gate to Valhalla[Ӽ] has a slightly slower pace (they are recruiting too).
The Guardians of Valhalla[Ӽ] is our restful alliance where there are no rules. Ravens of all kinds go there to get a break from active play.

Join us in the game, and see what being a Raven is all about. The only requirement for entry to the Ravens is 2400 cups. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Contact Hanselope on LINE for more info.