Frosth 2023

I have had Frosth sitting on my bench for quite some time. I never fed him away for training, SE, etc. because he just has always had appeal to me, especially when the minions really started becoming even more ubiquitous. My question for those who know the intricacies of E&P is: Is Frosth, and his minion strengthening ability, still relevant in 2023? I do believe that his Special is useful no matter what, but the power creep of stats makes me wonder whether or not he’d even survive to fire once. I’m rambling, but the basic question is whether or not he is worth leveling, even for situational use. I appreciate any feedback! Thank you! Scott

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Hi, I’ve used him along the seasons for crossing pass as my best support hero. His 1120hp minions are very useful, but… my luck becomes better for took other heroes who can help me in that job.
I used him in every war because I don’t have deep blue roster.
The answer to your question is, do you need him? If yes you can go ahead leveling him, but as you said before, this guy is low stats even lb1 for nowadays game.
I don’t need the mats for other hero but maybe when I’ll need, finally strip him off.

That’s mine.

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I’d think so. I hope so! I love my Frosth. Even if it’s not, I think having an additional minion summoner in your roster and as an option when doing your teams would be great!

I guess that the best use for him might be beside Pengi.
Both fast and blue… In 7 tiles they’ll be very painfull

That mean that you can build a team with 3 hero of another color…

And, for attack, Frosth replaces a healer If don’t fight Against Ogima &cie.

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Very good hero… plays well with others. Very easy to counter though, so not so good on defense as on offense.

Frosth – 5* Ice/ Blue - April 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) – Initial Release - Player Guides - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (

If you use other minion summoning heroes anyway then yeah, I’d say he is still useful. Was thinking about leveling him to help my Diao Chan & Cao Cao in a blue heavy 3-1-1 stack but things recently got complicated with a couple of useful blue additions to my roster so he’s 3rd in the queue now.

Whatever you decide, I hope it works out well for you

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:

Good in red aether quests, otherwise, meh

It depends on your other heroes, on his own he is pretty mediocre.
I use this blue stack in every war, get a lot of oneshots from the team.

With my troops Frodth and Pengi fire after 7 tiles, if I get 8 tiles, Krampus fires too. Then the opposing team gets really maimed by Pengi.

Happy gaming