Setting up New NZ Based Alliance - come join

Kiwi Academy is recruiting new members to help join and set up a new alliance based on helping up and comers grow, learn how to strategise, and have a bit of fun learning from some experienced members.
Fast promotion. Daily users. NZ and global members.
Come swing by.


So you’ll take all player levels, as long as they are active daily? And you don’t have to be a kiwi? I might just visit one day…GL

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Yip happy to take on anyone wanting to learn a bit about the game, bit of friendly strategy and banter for sure.
Be great to see you again Sarah! Chur

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I’m on to you. Escape attempts won’t be tolerated! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


@Ugk26 - you were wanting a great place to start, well @Cyber is just a great guy who can help you avoid the many pitfalls of being a new player having played in a top 100 alliance. Kiwi Academy has also just started up.

GL in your E&P journey

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Only a few spots to fill.


Room for a few more :grin:.

We keep growing and are now stronger than ever. Great friendly and chatty bunch from all over the world. Come and hit with some ex top 100 alliance players, grow and learn together in a chatty and friendly environment. We use all flags, taking on 12* Titans and revolve war tanks with simple strategy. We also have a sister alliance and a chance to work together if wanting to progress further. Chur.

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So as not to derail the other recruitment thread…

A solid … Maybe :wink:.

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Only daily active players need apply.

War is not mandatory, so if you can’t use your war flags, opt out. We’ve recently had players join who complained about previous alliance mates not using war flags…BUT in a case of the pot calling the kettle black / hypocrisy… We were left with just one option… kick!