Farming Orichalcum Nuggets and Dragon Bones, Atlantis Rises

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you my findings regarding farming for the above items. I run out of these as I constantly use them to create tornados and time stops for use on titan attacks. I am at level 64 and have 48 world energy flags when full. I am also in an alliance where we face level 9 to level 12 titans.

I have read many recommendations regarding where to farm in season 1 and ‘Yes’ I definitely recommend season 1 / 5-8, 8-7, 12-9, and recently I also farm 17-1 for balance gain for recruits, other items and experience.

I do save my world energy flasks for Atlantis rises, where it is most beneficial for me to gain experience and for increased drops in goodies. I have tried the recommended level 14, 16 and 18 using loot tickets and would get about 3 X each (Dragon Bone & Orichalcum nugget) per flask used, in hard and easy mode, which isn’t really too bad I suppose.

I am also big on farming for adventures kits during Atlantis Rises and generally farm season 2/ 1-9 and 1-10. I have used loot tickets on flasks and would typically see about the same drop rates for Orichalcum Nuggets and Dragon Bones (3 of each), whether on easy or hard modes (Sometimes 1 or 2 more on Hard modes)

I have recently experimented by completing a full flask manually on season 2/ 1-9 (48 world flags) by completing the levels manually I gained typically between 5 to 7 of each (nuggets and bones) each flask.

This is simply my experience yours may differ. You have to remember that there is no guarantee in this game; such example would be hero pulls from gems. One of our alliance member just did a 10 pull using gems and got, 9 X 3* heroes & 1 X 4* hero, whilst another member just posted and did a 10 pull with gems and ended up with; 3 X 5* heroes (Mok-Arr, Joon, Horhall and 3 X bonus HOTM (Vela), it’s no wonder some of us feel like wanting to rage quit sometimes.

Hiya @Stren,

Not wanting to take away from the data collection you have done here but a useful resource for working out where you want to farm is Barry Farmz Here.

It’s a massive data driven farming guide which has thousands and thousands of data collection points to work out best farming spots for everything, both normally and during Atlantis rises.

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IDK about 5-7 Nuggets and Dragon bones per 48 flags, no way! it’s hard to get 5-7 of one of them, let alone 5-7 each…nah!!!

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