🏰 Franz – 4* Nature / Green from Clash of Knights

just pulled him today, so stoked. Already using him at 1/6 versus our Titan for the day :stuck_out_tongue:


I already have 4 of them and only one is maxed. Others 1/1. Just don’t have the time to do them all

Congrats @sleepyhead ! That’s a truly great pull! Happy for you!

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thanks tons @Gartenerbsen :slight_smile: hope you get him too!

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Oh, I do have him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I cannot even imagine now my titan lineups or my green-dominant raid attack team without him. You’ll surely be just as spoiled very soon as I am!

I went defence path for emblems. Use him every single time on Titan … just not sure yet if I should level a 2nd Franz

I have found a 2nd Franz very useful. Besides Mythic Titan use and Rush Wars, it is great to have 2 for Tower events. That’s just my thoughts though, and I know everyone values different parts of the game :nerd_face::nerd_face:

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Franz is off to a great start :slight_smile:

And again


I just pulled Franz and am getting him leveled as far as I can. I’d love some tips from veteran Franz users on the best ways to use him!

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I pulled franz and trash… But it easily could have been all trash… So I’m slowly coming around to liking him.

Just joined the franz owners club.


Rush war/tournament he is a monster. 50% more raw damage is one of the best boosts without any drawback. And he prevents those normally buff heavy teams from becoming useful.
There is one major thing, I don’t use him against lindenbrock, because she cleans first and after that put buffs on them. But against taunt, riposte, mother north, albi, gulli, just really everything you face in rush with buffs he’s awesome.

And in Titan Teams you can just use him like an attack buffer.
My teams most of the time look like 3x strong color, Franz, miki.


I looked at my titan teams… Right now i think franz will be relegated to only nature… I don’t like going 3/2 versus the titan… Though I’m likely just being stubborn.

I have 3. One max emblems and LB. Was wondering if I should keep 2 mostly for mythic titan.

Niiice, enjoy your new Franz @Predatorhunter !!

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I already am used it him in tourney alteady while not fully leveled to great effect.

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This guy is a win button on Events. I switched him in for NT independently of color and I am getting like 10% higher scores overall. Just hoping he won§t get cursed. No wonder Epic Challenge Tiers have become so competitive lately.

Probably will max and LB second one, this hero is Gullinbursti tier.


Mythic titan too… I’ve been saving my Franz for the last day on ninja tower. A nice bonus is that he prevents buffs too :slight_smile:


When is franz next available to pull? I’ve not been lucky enough to pull him yet and would really like to add him to my 4* colllection.

Depends on if the styx tower makes an appearance.

Magic in September…

So earliest would be October… But… If styx shows up in October… Then November for cok.

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