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Fixed now @Ultra @Chodaboy & @greybat & @Sarah2


I’m sorry, I did not understand the rule,… what is board at the end of a turn? Is it in the last wave (boss wave) all bosses died,… and shoulod left 4 or more pumpkin bombs?
Or to make it more clear: screenshot when it is Victory displayed on screen with 4 or more pumpkin bombs on your board? I’m sorry English is not my 1st Language.

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Reading the forum before enough :coffee: so I’m easily confused…

Wouldn’t it be better to close the discussion about the previous forum challenge and start a new thread?

I’m equally unsure, and English is my first language :sweat:.

I believe, at the end of a turn, suggests 4 or more pumpkin bombs, any time during the battle, just not the opening board. Right @littleKAF?

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What it means (and I’ll go post this as clarification on the other thread is).

When your turn ends (i.e. the tile cascade is finished), take a screenshot of there being 4+ pumpkins on the board (puzzle).

Then upload that screenshot showing 4+ pumpkins on the puzzle board to the other thread!


Thanks,… I understand now :+1:

So I see I screwed up the post and made this one confusing. Two strikes for me. I’ll bow my head in shame.



What’s the criteria for winning the prize?
Are all entries that have four or more pumpkins put in the draw and winners chosen at random?That makes sense to me, can you please clarify @littleKAF.

Or, are you looking for the most colourful pattern? Or, am I making this more complicated than it was intended to be?

I’ll swap places with you bowing my head in shame if I’ve missed this information. Please direct me the correct place :wink:.

As I understand from the past challenge yes, winner chosen RNG by discobot dice.

  1. Only one post allowed, because discobot RNG, ex: random from post 3-100 (post 1 and 2 is moderator desc, should skip).
  2. The post is qualified as requierement the challenge (if not, moderator can delete the post)
  3. At the end,… RNG discobot to determine the winner
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@jinbatsu has it. It’s a pretty simple mechanic behind this one. Meet the criteria and you have the same chance as all others.

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For newbies to the challenge events, like myself, can I suggest this information be made more prominent. I suppose I could have waded through the posts from the earlier challenge events :thinking:.

@jinbatsu, Thank you kind sir :hugs:

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Nope. Doesn’t work that way. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


What? Where have you been?

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I know… I have no excuse :sweat::wink:.

That’s funny I’ve been using 3/2 blue yellow also

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