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Interesting challenge. Like the idea. :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to extend this challenge to Epic and legendary tiers too? Or may be add some more “sub-challenges”? For added fun…

I say this because the current challenge would hardly take a few minutes to complete (I think).


Good question. It’s the first of its kind and we wanted a larger portion of the player base to be able to participate.

That said, we’d like these to continue and are interested in feedback.

Plus you can challenge yourself and do epic or legendary too, but different heroes are available there so we set this one at rare.

Feedback appreciated. Hoping people enjoy the little mini game.


And the #forumchallengeevent need not be limited to goals in monthly challenge events. There are lots of ways this can be implemented.


Increasing the rewards (and the number of people receiving rewards) a bit more could spur a lot more participation, I think.

For example, make the reward 2 energy drinks for three people and 1 energy drink for 3 more people?

To compensate for the additional rewards, the challenge could be increased commensurately. Just a thought…


Yes. I personally like this idea. Thank you for bringing this to us. :slightly_smiling_face:


Three lucky participants that complete the challenge will win a small In-game gift.

I wonder how can this be implemented when the forum is separate from the game.

Here are the rules from the event post.

As a reminder, this is the discussion thread. To enter, you have to post in the event thread.

SGG will take it from there if you win. It’s similar to other challenges we’ve had on the forum.

good luck to all! :smiley:

I’m staying out! overall is a resource drainer for me.


I love this, but mono purple will be very hard without healer


Nice idea for a challenge. Let’s see how it goes


Thank you Moderators for all your time and energy! This looks like a lot of fun for the community.

Only complaint is the prize pool being so low for the prize offered.

Best of luck all!

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We’ll have to see how many people participate. If the numbers are high, maybe there will be different prizes.

And whether someone wins or doesn’t, we hope they have fun trying something a bit more unique.


I got messed up on 1st try. I had to laugh at this.

Will play around again later, but how do you overcome a full bank of purple monster?


Very slowly. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I was thinking about making the challenge five dark heroes. I didn’t know how it would play - didn’t want it to be too hard as want participation. But yeah, it would be slow.

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I think the only way to complete it mono is with items and nuking any fully dark part which is no fun. Completed it with a 4-1 (did loose 1 hero though)

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Thought I’d expand the challenge and did epic 1 with mono dark. Much easier to do as you have healers, dot and most importantly riposte.

Still took me 7 minutes though

I agree that that is much easier in epic and legendary tiers. But not in rare since you don’t have a healer and a riposte hero there.

So, which do you guys think has the best entry so far?

Forum Challenge Event I

I am afraid to post there because of this:

I personally like this one as it had no items. That said, I also see that the reflect element is not as prevalent as hoped. I fear this one was a bit too easy for what I was going for.

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