Food storage at stronghold lvl 19

Hello there, fellow e&p gamers.
I have a question, as e&p wiki gives me quite a strange answer…
My stronghold is at 19 lvl, and currently i have 3 food storages (wiki tells me i should have 4 at current lvl).
But!!! i have 5 iron storages, and wiki tells me, i should have only four of them right now, and that i should get my last one at stronghold lvl 20.
Just so you wouldn’t ask me, i converted my Forge into barracks, not food storage or some other building.
Soooo, may the information at wiki be wrong?

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Here is what wiki says about sh20:

Opens up area to add house, training center, farm, food storage

So with sh19 you can have up to 5 iron storages and up to 3 food storages, 4th food storage unlocks with sh20.

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I’m not sure which Wiki you’re looking at, but this one has the correct info on that:

And yes, you should have 5 Iron Storage — and you need to, because you wouldn’t be able to upgrade to Stronghold 20 otherwise.

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Big thanks for clarification!


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