What Level does your Iron Storage need to be for Stronghold Level 19 (SH19)?

What level does your iron storage need to be to level stronghold to 19. Currently have 4 iron storage at 15 and I’m currently leveling stronghold to 18, just want to be prepared. Thank you

I don’t know precisely, but you need five at 18 for SH20.

So somewhere around 5 X 17 is my guess


Thank you, appreciate the answer

I believe you are correct. It took me 5@18 for SH20 so I’d say level 17 would be just enough for 19

Im near the last push towards SH20. To get to SH19 it takes 1719K which for me was three iron storages at 17 and 2 at 16. Im sure it could be done differently if you have any storages 18 or above but i believe thats the lowest combo possible. Then for SH20 it takes all five iron storages to be at level 18

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In my notes from months ago, I have this written:

SH 18
1276+28+28+28+29+29+29+29+29 = 1505
5 iron storage @ level 15

SH 19
1276+28+28+28+29+29+29+29+29+30*5+31+31+31 = 1748
2 iron storage @ level 16, 3 iron storage @ level 17

I am currently upgrading iron storage for level 19 stronghold. You will need 3x17 and 2x 16 to upgrade stronghold

The Empires & Puzzles Bible, while outdated for many things, has this data. It used to have a calculator for this, but I think once it got unlocked, it became outdated fast, as it was opened up to a free for all edit, and stuff got broken and removed.

LVL 19 Stronghold needs 1,719,000 Iron

I have a personal copy of the old one before it all went to pot, and your Iron Storage options are:

I think those are the combinations that work minimally

More building costs.
LVL 20 Stronghold needs 1,969,000 Iron
LVL 10 Barracks needs 2,068,000 Iron ( I know you didn’t ask about it, but it’s the only thing at the moment that costs more than LVL 20 Stronghold.)

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