How many Iron Storage Level requirement for SH23?

Will a level 8 advance ion storage and a second advance iron and 2 lvl 20 iron storage be enough?

Enough for what? :thinking:

Lvl 23 stronghold I apologize

No, I have 4 @20 and my advanced @8 and it was just enough for stronghold 22.

Hold down on your iron and the max storage capacity will show up.

I have 2 lvl 20

I have advance 1 @ 8
I have advance 1 @ 1

It might be close. I have two storages at 20, One advanced at 10 and the other advanced at 1 and I have more than enough to upgrade to SH23. SH23 will take 2439K so you can check to see if you have enough.

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you need 1 more Iron Storage lvl20.

This may help:
3x Iron Storage lvl20
1x Adv. Iron Storage lvl1
1x Adv. Iron Storage lvl8



It is enough and this is a confirmation
PS: the building under construction is adv. Iron storage level 8 going to 9


ty ty
I got 3 @ lvl20
I got 1 @ lvl 8 advance
I got 1 @ lvl advance

thank you, as soon as my lvl 8 is done cooking I will start lvl23 stronghold

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1 on level 3
1 on level 6

Is enough?

Upgrade 2 to 3
Or 6 to 7, that’s the question.

Been 3 months I have maxed out both advance iron storage now I’m getting ready for next stronghold I am increasing food storage now cause you need it for both alchemy and hunters buildings

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