First hero for Alpha Aethers?

Maybe a little early, but as FTP I think I can LBx2 one hero to level 90. We use purple war tanks. Who would you choose?

  • Bastet
  • Aramis
  • Khufu
  • Naddaha
  • C-BK
  • Arco

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It also depends on the Aether Power they’ll get and personally, I’ll wait a couple of days to get the master topic from @PlayForFun with live Hero to Aether Power data since it’s quite likely that SGG would do some/a few (balance) changes with the live release compared to the latest beta.


The correct answer is “spend them on no one, and show SG where they can take LB2 and stick it”


Chillax. Especially that you’re FTP, wait a moment. The Aethers are really scarce. Look how it eventually go live. Watch what other guys did. Analyze the impact.

Nonetheless, I’d definitely advise to NOT 2LB a hero based on it’s defensive capabilities.

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I will publish the Master Topic once the feature is live.


I refuse to do the second LB. Took me a long time before I limit broke any of my 5* heroes first time round and it did not negatively effect my play. This 2xLB thing is complete BS. Most players do not want it and I am one such player. I will continue to play the game as I do now and if not doing the second LB has a massive negative impact on my play then I’ll be saying my goodbyes

Just one gamer’s (And most of my alliance’s) opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


How quickly will you have the LB2 mats and how likely will your choices/priorities change?

Personally I won’t even be thinking about this for a while.


I’m currently unclear on whether or not I will continue playing, but if I do, I plan on not using alpha aethers.

I personally think they have huge potential to unbalance the game, potentially leading to nerfs of previously balanced heroes. As such, I would recommend holding off until after we see what SG does to keep some semblance of balance.

Additionally, I would advise focusing more on utility heroes that will hold their value on offense, than on defensive heroes, since a good offensive hero will retain value even after the meta shifts while a defensive hero may not (see Guinevere and M&M for example). Primarily damage oriented heroes also seem fairly likely to become obsolete (see Odin, Killhare, Master Lepus, etc).


I’m a moderate spender, and honestly, i’m going to be hanging on to my free materaisl for a fair while I imagine… let alone even thinking about the concept of buying into this cash grab of a 2nd LB.

The balancing of these aether powers isn’t going to be an overnight thing and the meta will be shifting pretty constantly for a good few weeks as people try to work out new and different metas


Hold. First. Those AA are hard to Come by.

The aether passive is the determining factor, for me. I will 2LB a hero with a better aether passive, assuming said hero is versatile in both defence and offence.


Rather than focusing on which heroes to 2LB first, I think it makes more sense to focus on heroes to counter the Aether Power buffs.

For me, it means having at least 2 or more dispellers in each colour. Hatter with his buff stealing ability is now MVP. I have 2 Hatters maxed and considering whether to level a third.

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Basset leading the way,and lb2 only gives fiend resist to Bassett o0

I guess ill lb2 Ludwig to get 4 rounds of taunt from the start of the battle

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Exactly. Only about 1/3 powers have the potential to give a significant boost


Reset lb is a must. Imagine after lb2 lv 90 hero then nerf :wink:

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I personally would hold off until I figure out how easily these alpha aethers will drop.

I am hoping the drop rate will be similar to the costume keys - reasonable amount from MVs, occasionally from regular chest, and guaranteed from rare chest and war chest.

But if you are P2P and plan to buy them from in game offers then no need to wait…. I guess.

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Will be holding off too until the best utility is more clear. Made that mistake with the first lb and have a few lb 5* that never leave the bench

I think 2LB Taunt with Ludwig from the beggining is more or less the same without it. If you don’t kill or block him in the first moves, you’re dead. Taunt does’t make the difference vs. tiles or snipers. There are other worse 2LB habilities, like counterattack from the beggining, for example.

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It will not only create taunt for 4 turns, but will also make him even more tanky with 5 additional levels, but yes, flanked with a lb2 hero with reflect or counter attack will be even more painful

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They wouldn’t give it any second thoughts. Bussiness as usual, life goes on, money flows, k-ching!

When do they go live. I thought today given it says 20 Mar in patch notes.