Challenge Events Feedback

The Challenge is ON! Post your thoughts and suggestions on the new Challenge Events here.

You can read more about the first event here: First Challenge Event, Pirates of Corellia, starts today!


Would have been nice to announce in advance which type of energy would be required to participate in the Challenge.

It is world energy for those that didn’t check yet.

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First of all! Happy days! Great new event! I love the new content! :slight_smile:

Feedback part:

  • It would be great to see what kind of monsters you will be facing, like on world map. So you can tailor your team a bit.
    Or am I missing where to see that?

  • I get the big ascension rewards for top placements. But top placements requires close to top ascended heros. So it sort of becomes a “the rich get richer”-situation.
    Maybe beef up the completion rewards for all stages a bit?


The quests is hard enough already they don’t need a reflection damage for the two singled out elements Holy and Dark. At least let us take away the reflect with the remove buff skills. and while I am here one time in raid i debuff the other teams attack buff and their Sartana kept its attack buff. I bet you can tell I lost due to that glitch.


Would also be nice if we didnt get booted of in the middle of the events due to servers being full. Any chance on a refund of the energy lost every time this happens?


Same happened to me. Was in the end fight and boom, drop from game. Almost threw my mobile into a corner.


Interesting event, but prefers people that have Wu Kong.
Also when you lose 7 energy because of the servers full is not fun


Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, due to a sudden spike in player counts, our servers were temporarily over capacity. We have now added more servers to resolve the issue. My apologies for the inconvenience!


It appears that there is no exp for winning event battles. Is there a reason for this?


Would be nice to see leader(s) for each stage. Give us something to aim for. Also maybe a small reward for being top in a stage


I agree, I would like to see on which lvls I am lacking with my score, I just replayed some lvls, but only managed to climb one place.

Also not sure how the score is build up, I played most levels (intermediate) without using items and try to finish with full health, but maybe time is the biggest factor.

Right now I am still in the top 20, but I expect to drop down in the next hours, so want to have a clue how to climb back up. :wink:


Great event, really.
I was expecting more or less something similar, but this is even better.
For now i really don’t found anything to complaint, and i don’t want to.

A huge revive shake on this game, congrats.


I second the knowing what the top score per level is. I’m in the top 100 (and falling as I complete the other levels to get the rewards) and would like to know my ‘bang for my buck’ in replaying levels to try and get a better score.


It is something different, which beats playing the map for a change (although not getting experience for beating a level sucks). The prizes is another example of rich getting richer though. The people that are going to get the top prizes are the ones that dump tons of money into the game. They could at the very least given everyone a epic hero token so everyone would have a shot at the new heros…


Great idea and event. Descent execution.

I have nearly a top tier team for medium and really don’t think I can beat level 10. I believe the power curve is too high for that one.


Agree, concept could have been good, but the execution is terrible ; beyond awful. Who playtested this? I’ll answer my own question - no one. Or else no one who cared.

I’ve got 5 4* heros waiting on final ascension (they are tier 3 level 60) and that team along with axes, antitodes, heals, mana potions got DESTROYED by the final level bosses. used 75 gems to regenerate and still got smoked. There’s no way I’ll complete the intermediate stage unless I hundred gems into it…maybe not even then. So there goes any chance at any ascension items…the only people anywhere near the top stage have all Tier 4 fully or almost fully level 4 stars. Those of us waiting on ascension items have zero hope of getting any without spending a ■■■■ ton of gems. And no, I don’t have any fully ascended 3* either, who keeps those around when you have more powerful guys. Would have been good to know a month ago.

this did so little to address the ascension materials concern…what a joke. 762 place gets…a daily summon token. Thanks for wasting all your battle items, world energy, and probably some gems.

Specific points of contention (intermediate level only)

  • the reflect damage on non-bosses is absurd. the minions are tough enough for non-max’d 4 star heros.
  • the rewards are totally top heavy and only reward people WHO ALREADY HAVE MAX’d TIER 4 four-star heros. It’s like the finance industry - rich get richer and everyone else gets scraps.
  • if a team of level 60 tier 3 has that much trouble completing the level, then it’s a crappy balance.

I’ve only done Advanced so far and have to say I’m really pleased by it even with a suboptimal team (Sabina at level 60 there’s no way that’s considered optimal with the reflects especially on the last level where all the trash reflected).

That said, this was a tremendous amount of fun and a step absolutely in the right direction. Thank you SG!

It would be handy to get a preview much like we do on maps; I do like that suggestion and it would minimize the initial advantage that beta testers had though admittedly I don’t think that is much of one over the three day span but for those of us that are expecting One and Done, it’d help.

Hero token roll as the participation award, yeah why not, unless we’re going to get these ridiculously frequently and I think with the stated once a month occurrence that’s not a huge ask.

While I’d like to have the rare ascension items extend further down (as my finishing top 20 is not going to happen at the end of the 3rd day I state with 99% confidence) I’m not the one trying to balance the game and I can see the rationale for being “stingy” with the 4* items. Not so much on the 3* though.

Haven’t really had time to process the whole thing yet but I’m very happy with it, thank you again SG!

Oh @Kasimasi - Together Again! :smile:


I’m LOVING the event! Thanks E&P!

I like that it’s sectioned out by difficulty with caps on what you can use. It is in my opinion the best way to give everyone a chance.

The reward choices through the ranks seem a little goofy but I’m okay with it. I do wish we could see rank per level so we could see how we stack up.

I’m loving the addition of new heroes :slight_smile:

We’ve been asking for something performance based for a long time, wanting the rewards to match the effort. The event is on the right track, I’m thrilled.


I would push for expanded reward bands as 100 players is less than half a percent of all players. 500 is less than 2 percent. Top 100 is barely worth pushing for and only on hardest two levels. The rest is a bunch of meh.


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