Finally saved 8400 me

What would be the best event summon to do a summon 30? I only have three 5 stars total from over 2 years of playing for free. (Kingston, Khagan, Richard) As the topic says, I now have 8400 gems saved and want to do a summon event. I don’t like Noor, so I was gonna wait until the next month unless this Valhalla summon is better than all the others. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Valhalla is probably the best place to summon now… There are pretty good heroes going into that portal later this year (Thor, Lord Loki, Gefjon) so I would recommend to keep saving and spend it then, hoping for the best…


Valhalla is probably the best portal for overall heroes

Then Guardians for specific def down heroes

Then Costumes for the better basic heroes we have

Then Atlantis for this heroes and old HOTM

Then basically anything except Tavern of Legends


Be different. Do the Tavern pulls next month. With so few summoning, you might get lucky getting at least 6 past HOTMs in Hel, Athena, Seshat, Zeline, Gravemaker, Delilah, Frida, Evelyn, Alasie and Zimkitha plus the secret hero with that amount of gems you have. You’ll thank me later. Just don’t expect those to land on your lap and you’ll be surprised.

If you don’t have Proteus, I would do Atlantis. If you do have him, probably go with Valhalla.

Most important: Wait for a HotM you would really like. While you only have a chance of 32,5% to get him out of a thirty pull, it would be a shame if you ended up with Noor…

Unfortunately you cannot expect to receive a good 5* even ouit of 30 tries.

You have my respect for your patience to accumulate 8400 gems without investing money.


Try the new summon simulator and decide for yourself. It helped me a ton to decide, i finally spent my gems on valhalla and pulled Ratatoskr, and Fura whom i also wanted. Try the simulator, i think its the best thing you can do.


Here is a link that could help.

Also, people commented on the summoning tool so here is a link to that.

As for me, I wait for a HOTM or featured hero I want - I know it’s still a long shot but it’s a better shot. In other words, don’t feel like you need to spend in July - look at #beta-beat to see upcoming HOTM.

I would tend to agree that Valhalla is probably best for breadth.


I am saving 8400 but I will use them when Lord Loki will be released

That could still be a while from now.

yes… but I dont get 8400 in 2 days haha… I have time to get them

@Pun I would strongly recommend that you invest into Valhalla, or costume chamber. Costume chamber gives you additional hero copies with a refreshing of old heroes. Some of the costumes are better than Valhalla/Atlantis heroes.

There a bunch of 4* costumes that are really good, tons of Heroes you Could Put 20 emblems on and be very happy with As just 4*s, costume rigard, Boris, tiburtus, Kiril. Are all very good. As already mentioned above if you choose Valhalla wait for grefjorn/Thor.

If you want to go for Atlantis, don’t do it this month, wait until at least 3 of the heroes are highly desirable.

If you have the patience I’d also recommended waiting for the next round of costumes to hit beta. Specifically grimm I have a feeling is going to do work!


I would like to first commend you on being F2P and saving 8400 gems. Both my step-sons are F2P and I get to see how frustrating it is to save gems and to play with an extremely limited roster. Props to you and your commitment to save up your gems.

I have to reiterate my fellow players advice to you,

This is what I will be saving my gems for. I have been purchasing cheap gem deals and saving Valhalla coins and will hopefully be able to do 2 or 3 30x pulls plus however many pulls I can do from coins.

The costume chamber would be a good option as mentioned, but the chamber does not have a 30x pull option so you would need 9000 gems to get 30 heroes out of it.

Of all the portals to pull from, Valhalla and Atlantis has the highest % to pull event heroes.

I wish good fortune with your pulls. When you eventually do your 30x pull, let us know how it went.


First of all, I wish to applaud you for your extreme patience and dedication! I am actually in the same situation, a f2p who’s trying to save 8400 gems for a 30x pull. I am at 7700 now so getting close! My plan is to spend them when all season 3 heroes have been released (so probably end of year). Whatever summon you wish to do, I wish you best of luck!

Are you running multiple tc20’s? I’d recommend doing so if not. You should’ve had probably 15 by now


I got Grazul, Atomos, and Zocc from my first and only 30 Pull🤗


I got Ursena from my 3 single pulls🤗


Congrats! 4 5-star-heroes from 33 pulls is awesome :+1:

If you missed some of the old hotm (elemntal link if mana boost or health boost) and missing Wilbur/Proteus then I’d say go with the next 4 months of Atlantis. I’m doing a 30 pull next month for Aegir or Kingston. If not then I’d do a 30 pull once Bera is released as she minion blocks for 3 turns which right now is a huge meta blocker.

Wow I’m so happy for 3 excellent Atlantis heros cause atomos is awesome now + zocc … Four 5* in 33 pulls that is amazing someone was smiling down on you. Ftp and saving 8400 gems for q 30 pull usually results in rage quitting lol

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