🏰 Ferant – 4* Fire / Red from Clash of Knights

yup, thanks :slight_smile: I’ve already earmarked my stash of Druid emblems for Ferant to bring him to +20 - this way, I can save my level 23 mana troop for someone else (though the choices are Zagrog and Russell, so… :stuck_out_tongue: Zagrog hits pretty decently at least!)

Just emblemed and LBed today. Already super pleased. That mana cut helps, and a great way to use enemy minions against them.

Won this one even with a bad starting board and Mother North reviving the middle 3 once. Ferant’s special helped ensure the enemy heroes didn’t fire all at once.

Thanks to all who gave tips on using him - really happy!


Niiiice red team you got there :heart_eyes:

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Thank you :slight_smile: I’m happy with it

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Just thinking about your troops: If you have a lvl 1 mana troop somewhere, that would be enough for Boldtusk, Ferant only needs the lvl 11 for both to get to 9 tiles. That would leave the 23 free for somebody else to speed up :slight_smile:

thanks, is that true though? my Ferant does not have his mana node activated, so I think he still needs the level 23 mana troop? :slight_smile:

Definitely needs mana node for lvl 11 troop, sorry, same with Boldtusk.

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thanks and no worries, appreciate it :slight_smile: thank for helping me optimize my team.

I’ve now activated the mana node for Ferant, so I can give him a level 11 troop and save the Level 23 for someone else, like Zagrog :wink:


Did you go all health for emblem? Thanks

@gcheng668 heres the talent grid…

Thanks! 20 characters

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I just found that the mana cut will gone after 5 counterattack per each buff in each hero (reset every turn).

I think the mana cut is 10% → 8% → 6% → 4% → 2% → 0%(no mana cut).

The old mana cut before nerf might be 10% → 9% → 8% → … → 2% → 1% → 0%.

Sadly, I don’t have a video. It will be great if someone make a video.


Interesting info. Thank you for this.

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Well, I pulled the trigger on him as I use hi. A lot in both PvE and PvP!


2k HP! A real attack stat…monster! Congrats

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Thank you :slight_smile: looking forward to using him in the upcoming Tower events

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Have you used him in your Def since then and if so, what are your thoughts? I’m thinking about LB2 him to use him in my Def together with Ludwig.

hey! I haven’t used him n my normal defense much, only in 4* tourney defense. mainly because I tank with Bera, and usually flank with a Yellow and C-Krampus, so there’s no place for a Ferant flank anymore.

I have LB2-ed him though for offense, and here’s his card:

his aether power is a great fit too!