🏰 Ferant – 4* Fire / Red from Clash of Knights

Thanks for the answer.

And what talent grid did you choose for him - attack and life?

The thing with counter attackers is you want their defence to be low as they reflect back xxx% of the damage received. To counter that you want high health to help their survivability.

Short answer: yes, attack and health.

(I did the same with mine)


Yes, attack and life so that his riposte deals more damage back :slight_smile:

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He´s maybe not the best 4 star tank in the game anymore, but he is still very good for that purpose. besides tanks he is usable on offense as well (but I rarely do that anymore these days, sometimes for buff booster tourneys).

As to emblems: I did HP/Def, but Def/HP is also viable. Attack nodes are complete nonsense, no matter how often people spread these myths on the forum or other places. It´s not worth sacrificing survivability just for the sake of counterattacks.

Is he better than Azmia? Cyprian 2nd costume is dope.

I use both mostly in 4 star tourneys. I chose depending on color restrictions.

I like Ferant a bit better I guess mostly because his buffs have a longer duration and of course the mana steal is super annoying as a tank. Azmia of course has the extremely valuable heal and the nice S5 family/passives. So not a big difference between the two.

By now I don´t need to play them anymore in war, but I would say outside the top 100 alliances one could still use both of them for war hits.


Thanks for showing your contempt :wink:

I use Ferant in PvE, and there reducing his defense in favour of offense is less “bad”, as I can boost his health and revive him with items - but I want the enemy to one shot themselves when they hit (that’s what I do in Ninja and Styx Tower)

Using him in PvP / defense, I agree that keeping him alive is most important - therefore, upping defense over attack makes sense

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