🦹 [Feb 2021] League of Villains Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

This is unexpected, was going to pull for costumes.

Not really.

The stat boost is nice but you still have to play the usual strategies to compete in the event (board farming, speed and items). Plus it doesn’t necessarily overcome the “best team synergies”… It’s a trade off but it’s not a sure fire bet…
The 2% score bonus (up to 10% bonus) on the other hand was a TERRIBLE leg up and really insurmountable…

As for the “bypass reflect colour”, this ONLY applies to tiles attributed to the Villain Family Hero. So if you take Karnov and 4 other purple heroes, only 1 in 5 tiles will bypass the elemental barrier. The remaining 4 will reflect as normal.


You and I know how to get the scores in Events. For a lot of us it’s not about the Top 10 but the Top 1000 rare, 500 in Epic and Top 1000 in Legendary. Those are the tiers I aim for and achieve. This is done with the right roster but very much because of the method. And getting percentage increases to that was absolutely huge and totally meta breaking.

I’m not a whale so wouldn’t chase all the heroes. I do acknowledge I spend a reasonable sum monthly but not remotely comparable to the top (I think I would spend less in a year than some spend in 1 portal over a weekend)

So for me to compete at that level requires my whole base of operations to be set up to do it. I farm large bones and leather strips, my alchemy makes more of these plus Mini-mana and mana potions. Every month I grind for the items to do it.

Since rare and epic are super competitive an extra 2% (up to 10%) was brutal. I would have to have some of them to keep up.

Extra attack is just achieved easily enough through other heroes and strategy. Them getting that isn’t going to hugely affect how the event scoring goes I wouldn’t say as team synergy massive and you have to play mono so I personally don’t see it’s impact in events. Maybe in other aspects of the game but not specifically events like that did.


i got her on the 7th of my imaginary pulls!!!


here we go again… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Here’s the in-game chat text version for the guide.

Expand to copy into game chat

League of Villains
Reflected: :elementdark:
[#4396ff]C = Crystalis
[#10ff18]T = Toxicandra
[#a569bd]D = Dark Lord
[#ff2508]A = Asterius
[#a569bd]K = Karnov
[#ff2508]I = Isrod
[#a569bd]I = Ingolf
[#4396ff]S = Sanngrior
[#a569bd]E = Edd
[#ff2508]S = Skrekok

Element(s) for waves 1 & 2 / Boss stage in order
1: :elementdark: / :elementdark: [#ff2508]S :elementdark:
[#ffffff]2: :elementfire::elementice: / [#a569bd]E [#4396ff]S
[#ffffff]3: :elementdark::elementice: / [#a569bd]I [#ff2508]I
[#ffffff]4: :elementdark::elementice: / [#a569bd]K [#ff2508]A
[#ffffff]5: :elementdark::elementice: / [#a569bd]D [#10ff18]T [#ff2508]I

6: :elementfire: / [#a569bd]E [#ff2508]S [#a569bd]I
[#ffffff]7: :elementfire::elementice: / [#ff2508]A [#a569bd]K D
[#ffffff]8: :elementdark::elementfire: / [#10ff18]T [#a569bd]D [#4396ff]C
[#ffffff]9: :elementdark::elementfire: / [#ff2508]I [#4396ff]C [#a569bd]K
[#ffffff]10: :elementdark::elementice: / [#4396ff]C [#a569bd]D [#ff2508]A


Added into the OP now!! thanks mate!

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Thanks. That is awesome. Just copy and paste. I love it and love you! :smile:

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Any information on boss HP at each stage for R/E/L? Thanks.

Hey guys, should I make some pulls on this League of Villains or Costume Event? :thinking:

These 5* heroes are crap, besides the healer, who is decent…


How many of your maxed and emblemed S1 heroes are missing costumes? If you have many, I think it’s better to pull there. Even if you miss on the 5*, there are many useful 4* costumes

On the other hand, this event will only come around once in months.

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Isn’t this violating Beta rules?
How can pictures of Heroes be released before the Event starts in live version?
Is there any change in rules?

I personally don’t plan to use my gems here yet.

We don’t know who is featured in costumes, and I don’t have all the new epic and rare costumes yet, so costumes would take a priority for me…

But it is also a Ninja month.

…and who knows, maybe a surprise hero will come on Valhalla or some new formula for pulls.

I think villains can wait for me. Besides, although these 5 star heroes were quite strong in beta, who knows how they will find their place in live game. I’m not a whale, I’m waiting this one out. Beside some coin pulls I was saving for White Rabbit (who I don’t need anymore as I pulled Vivica costume).

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I use Rat in every war and many raids. He’s on my second “best” attack team. And yes, he’s solid on blue titans as well.

@Luckman8, congratulations! Who is she? :slight_smile:

i bet she is toxicandra, that was c.rigard , and this is now after 3 years !!1

Does the league of villains also reflect purple color?

@Luckman8, do you have a time machine? Toxicandra will appear in this world in more than eight hours. :slight_smile:

my caption say its on my imaginary pull LOL…im c2p now just save 4k gems so its my superstitious action , hopefully i get the real one tommorrow by just doing 7 pulls …,some whales might throw 5grand to get this hero… Believe it or Not!!!

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