Fated summon, wait till Monday or pull now? [Poll]

With the new list now finally revealed, how do you decide? Are you already at 100/100 and just waiting till Monday, are you now getting one of the old list? Or are you missing pulls and desperately try to reach 100 before it refreshes?

I was at 100/100 for some time now and waiting for what we would get next. With nothing really outstanding (for me personally, Frida and Mageret I already own, about the rest I’m not so sure) I decided I’ll get another hero now.

There would be even 2 or 3 more heroes I would take in this cycle compared to what’s coming next. Especially Inari as my first dodge hero could have been good too, but in the end the fun of using LoLo was to much, not to choose a second one.

Fated summon
  • I’ll get one now before the list refreshes
  • I’ll wait till Monday and get one from the new list
  • I’m missing pulls, but wished I would get one now
  • I’m missing pulls, but I’m happy with the next list
  • It doesn’t matter, it’s all soul exchange food anyway
  • Show me the results, I don’t care about it anyway
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Only… Only because i don’t want to limit break a second lord loki. So for me… I’d take him to 4.80 and emblem… But he’d die too often… I could see taking two of him with ludwig against a team without healers… But again… Just don’t have the aethers and feeders to warrant that.

Especially since I’m getting frida… Then not having enough scopes.

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Yeah, I have 4 blue Aethers and nothing else I would limit break immediately in blue and 1300 emblems. So it fitted.

I would take Grimble but I’m at 35/100.

From new list I will probably take Frigg and nothing else.

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I took my 3rd LoLo (1st from SE, 2nd with costume on a 30 pull when featured). Have first 2lb, second 1lb. This one will probably 1lb also. It will be war depth, and occasionally a fun 3LoLo attack in a raid or tourney.

The two most interesting from new list are Frida and Frigg. I have c Perseus and Arthur, so Frida is less interesting. Took Guan Yu from SE, have Marcel+20 for green did, so Frigg isn’t super exciting. Baldur is a maybe. Norns/Bai/Salmon/Hood I could make an argument that they could be useful, but… not exciting.

I like skills that last in perpetuity… But 150% is what… 75/100 damage per turn… So only 20 turns to kill that one 2000 health hero… Bring it.

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But sometimes he might be able to get the killshot in on a hero. My reds are bad, so that would be the main reason to consider him for me… I suppose in the end a dupe Roighian would be a better choice to level

I’m at 91/100. Almost perfect timing. I’ll do a 10pull on Goblins and only “lose” one credit.

Not too sure right now. Will there be an overlap between if the new list leaks, and me being able to press the button, people? If the list stays as it is, I’m most DEFINITELY in trouble. Current at 79 pulls, have 22 EHT and some other coins and tokens to pull.

The thing is about my team:

  • No revivers (but Heimdall doesn’t cut it for me, it’s MN/c.MN or bust, or am I too shortsighted?)
  • Doesn’t have fast ailment cleansers 5*. I do have slow + lvl 23 mana, but it can be faster. Overheal barely present too with Celidana.
  • red is weakest I presume. Sniping is not the way to go anyway (pulled Lord Loki and Bera, and out of SE Quintin).

From current list I’m thinking Malosi as a disabler, or Zimkitha…? Next list… nothing much, really.

Other than Frida, not really excited about any of the choices. In particular, yellow is terrible, which is a shame for me personally because it’s the color where I’m nearly out of things to level. I’m 26 pulls short of 100 so it’s not really worth it to rush for Inari and delay Frida. Since I’ll likely manage 2 pulls from the next batch, the second one will likely be Baldur for his unique skill.

Im disheartened by the new list, because ive been on slow-mode with pulling for a few weeks to avoid hitting 100 (currently on 93) as ive taken what I wanted from this FS. The heroes featured here dont call out to me at all.

Probably will take Frida, to support my Blues, but will wait until the end for that as I have no mats left for blue.

Will consider the Panda bear first, just because my yellows are terrible.

It would be nice if SG didnt stick to such rigid formulas with the FS. Just offer a selection of completely random heroes… let the damned rng decide what appears in it - it runs everything else in the stupid game :rofl:


The new list for fated summons is an absolute disgrace tbh SG should be ashamed


I fully agree with that . Really upsetting what they present to us. No nothing at all. I need a very big purple one and what they present is meh. Only Frida is a bit to my liking and maybe Frigg but other than that … distasteful

I wish they would offer season one heroes with a costume at least.
I mean offering plain old season 1 heroes is kinda a joke at this point since you can get them in almost every portal, just my opinion.


Would you prefer only 15 heroes? The s1 are for those stop because they exhausted the fated.