Yet another fated summon poll

So I reached 100 on the fated summon mark today (well 102) and as usual analysis paralysis has set in.

I’m looking at the following options.

Yellow - Onatel, I’ve wanted her forever, however am currently maxing Kara for a taunt hero. Only 6 darts. I do have a lot of mana control heroes and enjoy using them. Would also give me a hit 3 option in yellow other than Mist.

Blue - Skadi, only drawback is lack of blue troops so can’t really stack, but can be an off colour in my typical 3-1-1. Not sure as well if as valid with the beefy minions eg Hulda coming out.

Green - Rat, where I am alliance wise 14’s die quick. Don’t really need a titan hero, but if blue tanks take off in the top 200 bracket where I am some more green depth would be nice.

Red - Mits, because well reflect blue is awesome but I worry about all the bypass nowadays if her best is behind her.

Purple - Freya, had been set to pick this but pull 101 netted me Khonshu and I only have 6 tabards so she would potentially have to wait around at 3/70 now for the next set.

  • Onatel
  • Skadi
  • Ratatosker
  • Mitsuko
  • Freya

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Tough choice! Reading the reasons you give for each hero listed, I can see why you have this dilemma. Let me turn the tables on you…

Which hero are you most likely to use most often? That’s the one I’d pick. GL in your decision making.

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I voted for Skadi I use her still quite a bit and with no other Ice heroes except from C. Kiril who needs only a l5 mana troop.

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Ciertamente todos tenemos este dilema en algún momento del juego …
Evalúas bien tus héroes y analiza a cual te conviene mas tener… Suerte!

Thanks for the votes everyone. I decided in the end to go with Skadi. I think in combo with my Gazelle and Guan Yu it should be enough for the beefy Hulda type minions. Will be fun to try out