:fam_boy_boy: F2P fl 10o, how to

He is up "Invite friends"o level 10 ae it can become a “Player guide” topic.
Thanx frgh_hearge:

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bump it up! :slight_smile:

depends if your friends care about the account after they reach lvl 10, i reckon you could do it in a couple of days if they were to spend all their gems on energy refills

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I got 10 level in 2 weeks without much playing

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The question is, where can I find people who are willing to download the app and play the game to level 10? I invited already anybody at the beginning of my E&P carrer…

Invite link removed by moderator. SG has declared these spam when used on the Forum.

its their choice, but i have a wild guess they wont care :smile:

good point, we recharge 100 gems :wink:

maybe your multiple personality works? :thinking: just kidding :smile:


Exp missions
@MrMeeseeks I ask my friend “can you help me get some gems” and he said yes :stuck_out_tongue:

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My memory is foggy, but I believe it only takes about three days. Just don’t let any WE go unspent.

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Come play Empires & Puzzles with me! Use this link and get a head start with a free 10-Day VIP Pass: redacted

Just in case you want to start a second account :joy::+1:

This is how it looks like to send an invitation :yum:


How do you get to 1200 gems? Its 100 per friend right?

Edit: didnt take the VIP into account, my bad!


a friend already(couple of hours) got to lvl 5 (already has vip10) - was lucky and pulled hawkmoon with silver token :smile:

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too bad it is limited to 3 invites (i think); you would have been a ‘billionare’ in :gem:

So for science I did it with my gf‘s phone:

If you do everything correctly it takes roughly 1 day to get to level 10.

Priorities: Try to do all the easy missions that reward gems. Your goal is to farm 400 gems in 1 day. With these 400 gems you can buy 4 energy refills. Level up your heroes so you can conveniently farm 6-7. it has good XP and is fast and easy killed. I always did all raids because it is your main source for ham and to level up your heroes you desperately need the ham!

It‘s a lot of work for 400 gems. I will not do this a second or third time :poop:

thanks for testing good to know it can be done so faat if needed

[q] the vip expire you get +30 gem

meaning yfghgfget total

@_John_Doe if you want the 30 days VIP you have to level up either 3 accounts to lv10 or have 3 friends that do :grin:
You‘re just trying to optimize the gains.

Edit: by 400 gems I was saying 10day Vip is 300gems and the 100 extra.

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Thats no issue. I have friends.
Interesting fact I found out; if my friend already has a used (played e&p) google account, he can make another one (up to 4) using the same phone number. Lol

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