Free gems under level 10? (appears to be a fake offer, or Invite a Friend spam)

**Hi all I saw a code it says if your under level 10
You can go to your inbox then invites then enter code
Is this true as I could not see a place where u can do this I know I’m above level 10 but does anyone know anything about this

J2F7J61 Is the code I saw **

There are many scams claiming to offer free gems.

Perhaps this is one of them?

Where did you see this information?

Or are you referring to the Invite a Friend feature?

I saw it one of the group chats

Sounds like it might have been a player promoting their own Invite a Friend code.

No not where u invite a friend jus u put code in must be a scam oh well

Also I put a post up before about asking ppl to join me how do I see where it is plz

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You have an #alliance-recruitment post here: New clan players needed update

You can see your own posts in your Forum Profile, by tapping your avatar on the top right, then your username, then Summary.

Code only works if that person invited you (to the game itself, not alliance).

It’s actually a good deal (for both the inviter and the invitee), but won’t work if you joined the game without an invite.

I’d invite some friends to join the game myself (free perks for both of u), but I don’t have any friends. :man_shrugging: :laughing:


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