Experimental defence team?

Hello. Guys if we suppose that I Max these heroes up, would this team be good as a war defence team? I’m concerned for the lack of damage.

You don’t need 3 riposte heroes. 2, flanking your tank, can cover your entire team. Max out BT, one Cyprian, and Boril. Add in a fast yellow hitter and a fast green hitter (Caedmon and Chao come to mind for the dispel and the mana reduction) on the wings, and save Kiril and the other Cyprian for war attack teams.

There is little advantage to the defender when color stacking, since the damage boost only applies to tiles. If you color stack, you invite the attacker to color stack strong colors against you. Many people like to flank their tank with two weak colors (flank red with green or purple with yellow), but a clever attacker can easily get around that by doubling or tripling a color that is neutral to both.


As above, plus never put two Heroes of the same colour next to each other, especially at the front!

A yellow loaded team will ravage your defence with a few good tiles :grinning:


Just learning the ropes and could use a hand. My team is Tyrum, Bane, Oberon, (2* holy hero), Silthus. In that order, altering purple, yellow, purple yellow, purple. What holy 2* holy hero would you suggest? Hou, Sha Ji, Nash? ive thought about this alot, Shaji has way more defense than hou and a healing percentage would benefit the high hp of the undead. I havent considered using nash and dont know what his stats are. Do you think i could use hou? Its power is just over 1700

Excuse me, Shaji has much higher hp than Hou. I figure the two 2* heroes on the right side will die i just hope they proc, more hp may increase my chances. Though i want the 50% defense boost of Hou even though the defense of my heroes isnt as competitive as the hp.

Why are you doubling colors on your defense team? You’ll be more effective in the long run with a rainbow defense team.

Since you’re new in the game, I’m assuming that the 3 3* heroes you list above are the only ones you have. Tell me about the rest of your roster

I understand what you mean. OK I have Caedmon and wu Kong though. Not chao

Wu is terrible on defense. What other yellows do you have?

Screenshot_2018-08-17-17-19-20-169 I’ve been very unlucky on yellows… I only have wu and then only 3 star heroes. This is my current defence team

If you want a low defense but yet durable tank (to reflect more damage) you could go with Kashhrek, flanked by Boril and Cyprian.

Here an example:
Sonya - Cyprian - Kashhrek - Boril - Scarlett

you are right but I don’t have kasshrek

How is it better in the long run? Im doing it because yes, oberon, bane, and tyrum, were my first 3*. Yet as far as my ignorant logic goes i find the formation of the five defensive heros as very important. For example, on offensive you almost always go for the color combo that will be strong against a heros color. If they alternate like i am doing and they drop 3 yellows on oberon, if its not a direct hit but off to the side, its then like free mana for bane and whatever holy support i use…

Hallelujah since my first post ive summoned Valen, and Hawkmoon. Sadly Hawkmoon is not getting her special ability leveled at all despite 26% chances. Now that i have invested an ascension and some levels to both these heros i am contemplating swapping out the two stars in my defense… Now i like being a purple yellow purist, but i do understand that if Valen is in front of Hawkmoon then hawkmoon would be at a defensive advantage with green combos. Now that i think of it it would be most advantageous to swap out the 2*s because i prefer to have my defensive team at the very least 100 points greater than my offensive team (helps me prevent revenge) and now that i have hawkmoon and Valen they are about equal in points.

Well these are my thoughts, thanks for responding. HS

Grim, gm, cypian,kiril, wu

To answer your question about doubling colors, that hands an advantage to the attacker. When you stack colors on attack, tiles of that color do additional damage (roughly 2x per tile). If you stack the color that is strong against the defender’s hero, you do even more damage (roughly 4x per tile).
However, as the defender, you don’t move tiles, so you don’t get that bonus damage. Instead, if you double up on a color, you now have said to your opponent, "Here, I have 3 purple heroes. Bring 2 yellow attackers and get quadruple damage against 60% of my defense. " With a rainbow team on defense, whatever color they double will only do the 4x damage against one of your heroes.

Ahh ive failed to put two and two together in not realizing that the offense will be reactionary in their teams structure to my own, not only that i didnt know that red tiles being dropped on me, if stacked with red heroes will do accumulated damage. so i guess i concede that the advantage i saw in causing a tile color that is strong to one of my heroes is weak to the ones that surround him. To be honest im a little dismayed because i thought i was applying an aspect of the game that no one but me seemed to be utilizing. I cant visualize making a worthy case that its still a respectable defense in sight of knowing that the tiles are randomized making stacked teams vulnerable to dropping tiles that have no hero. Thank you. Ive enjoyed my playing style up to this point and now its time to adapt and advance my strategem.


I would dare to venture that you areas Army or a Marine, I may be wrong. I can visualize your response as I read it, remember however we are only ten percent of the US population, I doubt many will be have the ability to follow you completely. I agree with your assessment but I spent twenty years learning the language. Just a thought.

Just sounds like regular E&P jargon to me :grinning:

What do you guys think about putting tank from each colors like this:

Boldtusk-Boril-Kashhrek-Cyprian-Li Xiu

I understand that buff heavy defense’s weakness is dispeller, but as there are 4 heroes (except Li Xiu) capable of granting buff, I don’t think 1 dispeller is enough, furthermore, I don’t remember there is a red dispeller which will make matter worse as the tank (Kashhrek) is green.

Will it be good for raid defense?
What about in alliance war (not all of them have revenge arrows which is useful for this type of defense)?


Nope. Bad defense for raid. Lacking firepower.

However, can be used for war defense when the arrow/heal bonuses are around.

Melendor and Sabina will dispel anything that you may have without taking damage.

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