Events - Farming Paradise!

I hit a new monster chest that I was about to go to level 7-4, and then I did some quick math.
The 1 Flag level (even the first) in the Event has 9 monsters in total. You get more monsters per flag.
1 flag / 9 monsters. Running 7-4 is 3 flags for 15-16 monsters, which comes out to 1 flag / 3.3 monsters.
11 Flags - brings you to 99 monsters (out of 100), just replaying the event first level on autoplay / replay gets that chest filled quickly and cheaply.
Doing this give a second purpose in grinding for those extra ‘Suspicous Chests’.


Yes, rare stage 1 to 3 is simply great for all of that, and drops a very good amount of feeders heroes too.


Also, XP reward has the best ratio for entire game, possibly even surpassing Rise of Atlantis.

Which brings a question: what is a better farm, summon and XP-wise? Atlantis or Events?

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Great catch! I’ll have to pass this on to the rest of my alliance. I hadn’t done the math myself, so I was thinking I should fill my monster chest first before doing Avalon because I for some odd reason believed that I’d get more monster-per-flag from provinces. Great to know I can hit 2 birds with 1 stone. :+1::wink:

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Yup, been hitting those rare events like crazy to fill the monster chests.:sunglasses:

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The only problem may be the total time, but the reward is far better by WE.

Yo get not only a nice amount of recruits, also héroes.

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Time, yes, but I think a halfway decent team setup should be able to autoplay the lower levels without much difficulty.

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Not more tan a 1’30’’ in autoplay for me, the boring thing is that you need 12 rounds of first stage to get the 100 monsters.

975 exp in rare st 3 only 1 WE, less tan 2 mins in autoplay, worthy.

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Yeah, Rare Stage 3 is the way to go. 12 WE Flags fills a monster chest. The only significant downside is no Hams or Iron, but the other drops seem to be pretty good.

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I haven’t done all the maths myself, but on an ordinary non-event day, I will just auto-farm either S1,5/4 or S1,8/7 to finish my monster chest, usually averaging 13 monsters per 3 flags (then using remaining flags for whatever else I might be wanting at that time, whether it’s more backpacks, Atlantis, emblems, recruits etc.) But if the premise of this thread is correct (haven’t personally tested yet), and I can actually fill my monster chest in fewer flags (while also having a very tiny chance of getting a chest for an event token), I’m all for it!

Don’t care about the XP, the only time I actively try to level up is when I’m at 98% and want to squeeze in 3 extra titan hits. :grin:

At least for me, it seems to drop heroes like crazy. I need to grind Sartana now, and since my Farms and Watchtower are all at 20, no ham should not bother me too much.

Yes I came on to rave about the same thing - Rare stage 3 - excellent stage for farming monsters, heroes and XP.

I still haven’t come across a suspicious chest yet though for rare stage 3 :frowning: @DracoLovesRi

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@FrenziedEye My main profile didn’t even encounter one chest until stage 11 in epic difficulty. My alt found one in rare. I shoot all my offense specials into it when it is vulnerable. That way I know I am gonna get my coin.

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After about 70 tries though


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