Esme vs Alexandrine/ C Magni

I consider myself lucky to have pulled Esme, even though I see people are not really excited about her. Personally I think that it’s more that in comparison with the other over-powered event 5*, she is regular :slight_smile:

Since I am really into healers and I also think that the fiends meta will only develop further, I am leaning towards making her my new Ice levelling project.

I currently have Cobalt and Master Lepus in 5* and Kiril, Grimm (and costume), Sonya (and costime), Boril (and costume) and Jott in 4* .

Alternative are in the poll, but I would appreciate much more if some of you could also explain your choice :upside_down_face: :pray: (I don’t have spare emblems for any of them atm)

  • Esme
  • Alexandrine
  • Costume Magni
  • Frosth
  • Costume Isarnia
  • Rian
  • Richard

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My vote is for Alexandrine because she just has more practical utility over Esme.
Sure, if you’re fighting a team of Elizabeth/Hannah/motega and you start out with a not so good board, Esme can basically counter that very easily. But anything outside of fiends and she becomes vanilla.


Thank you all for voting on the poll and thanks to @Tidyup for giving more extensive feedback.

For now I will take her to 3.70, play around with her a bit and follow the evolution of the meta for a while.

Yeah, just take her to 3:70 to try it out. I’m not convinced that she can be anything good outside of fiends

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