🔱 End of an Era: Atlantis Season 2 Final Stages Releasing — FAQ & Discussion

Do you need to complete all the hard levels before attempting hard final level? Or is it is accessible like normal level after beating normal mode?

Yup. 500 Atlantis coins


You’re right. I have a Caed and lvl 17 mana troops, so now I’m thinking:

Caed - Ariel - Santa - Proteus - Joon

With revives, two types or mana pots, and time stops.

Better question- do rewards for completing hard final level come if you complete just final level or do all hard stages need to be finished?

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Considering there’s a counter on our personal profiles, I guess all stages will need to finished before.

Farming season 2 is the best, ever since I discovered stage 15-9 Normal… It gives so many recruits!! Almost as good as 8-7 in season 1.

Also I like how there’s better chances to get epic crafting items in certain stages.


Care to post a link to that?

I still don’t have any Teams with a Team Power over 3400. That being said I can create a team of Onatel (3/36), Frida (3/12), Vivica (3/40), Isarnia (3/61), and Grimm/Triton/Kiril {all of which are at 3/60}. For normal, Do you think this style of lineup would do decent? And which of those last three heroes does this community recommend?
Thanks in advance for any feedback, its greatly appreciated!

Easy sneezy.


@zephyr1 for the hard mission it got 2 ETT


Thanks for confirming!

Who’s the avatar for Hard?

Haha called it

Alright they changed the name slightly, but I think it still counts

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And it looks like this :wink:


Poseidon’s avatar looks like a Dad who doesn’t realized he opened up his phone’s back-facing camera.


Big thanks to SG for putting up a solid final reward. Who’s ready for season 3? Haha


Bring up your post XD

Great final!

Many thanks to SGG for a Final Boss with a Funktion of a Titan. God work and didn’t expected to have a continued fight after the first one.

I loeved it and started the last 30 stages now in hard mode :slight_smile:

If you can’t see it its:
Tarlak and Gregorion in the corners.


Cosa sono quei 4 teschi in alto?

what about the red hood?
can it take it against ursena?

Red Hood is okay here. Let’s look at an ideal team:

  • a fair amount of yellow, because all the enemies are purple, but then you need
  • a dispeller to clear the reflect
  • mana control, to,reduce the frequency of special hits, and
  • healing to outlast the boss
  • minimal reliance on buffs, which get dispelled periodically

My solution was Onatel, Delilah, Drake, Zeline and Queen of Hearts, which ticks all these boxes. QoH was particularly valuable in attracting all the damage from the special, which otherwise would have gotten ahead of Delilah‘s healing.

Red wasn’t my top choice, but she’d be okay as a good off-color (not yellow) healer that doesn’t rely on status effects.