Empire Division looking for new members

Need an alliance to hit titans? Come stop by Empire Division.

2500+ team power and english speaking is all we are looking for. (Most people have >800 trophies with this team power).

We dont really want to be a high point ranking alliance. We just want to be able to hit really hard titans.

We currently can kill 7* titans all the time. Struggling with 8*s now

If you need an alliance and are interested in joining, search us up and join us!

Hi, My team power is about ~2700, and I hit Titans daily. I keep my cups relatively low for the daily raid challenge. Would be interested in playing with you. In game name GrapeApe7509.

Edit: How long do I need to wait after I leave my old Alliance before I can join a new Alliance?


Thanks for joining Grape!

We still have spots for 5 more! Feel free to join!

We still have 4 spots open. If you are still looking for an alliance, drop by!

Empire division has one opening available. Search us up with 800 trophies and around 2500 team power!

Bump it up!

2 openings available! ~2500 team power and english speaking is all we need!

Anothet opening is available at Empires Division! Find search us up and gogogo!

Empire Division has one spot open again, come and join our fun international alliance! We are currently battling 7* and 8* titans.

We are supportive, no-drama, friendly (except towards titans), and rising. If you are active on a daily basis and bring at least a few ascended 4* star heroes, check us out!

Bump up.

Also wanted to include we are looking for a slightly stronger set of folks here. We always kill 7* titans and are working on 8*. If you need an alliance, have a team of atleast 2800+ team power, find us!

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We are looking for new members to round out our team.

2800+ team power! We just like to pound on titans so raid teams dont matter too much but we can still give advice on it if it matters for you!

We currently hit 7/8* titians.

Swing by and find us!

(Apologies for 2nd post. I am unable to edit my old one!)

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Fixed. (If you want to archive the original thread and just leave the most recent post, let me know.) :wink:

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Bump. We need your help in order to clean up 8* titans! If you got 2800 team power, look us up!

Looking for fresh blood. Recently had a makeover in our team. 2500+ team power. If you need some advice on growing stronger as well, we got it here too!

7 spots free! Come one come all!

Still got 5 spots remaining! Come one come all! 2500+ team power atleast please!


Still looking for new blood. All you need is 800 trophies. If you are a beginner, looking for a easy going alliance, want some tips on this game, feel free to drop by!
We got a 5 free spots available!

Change of heart.

400+ trophies required. We are willing to teach new players. Note that this game is grindy so hardwork is going to be the committment we need from you!

If you fit the bill, swing by!

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Lots more room! Come join us if you have more than 400 trophies!


It’s been a while but we are looking to find some new members.

400+ trophies is all we are looking for.
Currently won all alliance wars and beating up 7* titans.

Look for us if you fit the bill!

29/30 atm. More weeding will be done in our group due to spotty activity. If we happen to be 30/30 in the next few days, feel free to drop your name here. First come, first serve!

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