Open Empire is looking for new players!

We are a team of 17 experienced international players looking for either new 13 members or another alliance that would be happy merging with our. Currently fighting 8* titans and won 7 out of 9 wars. Come join us and help us grow!!!

Also tell me more about your group :slight_smile:

Our alliance is ‘‘Vuchews’’ (my last name) :stuck_out_tongue:
Me, my son, my made of honor (from our wedding), her husband, 3 colleagues of mine from work and 1 other person that joined a month ago. We are very active - in wars and titans (we are taking down 5* ones currently).
As you can imagine from the above - we are joyful bunch and can coordinate very well ourselves as often 80% of the alliance sits on the same table :wink:

Your group seems superior to our levels - but we can be of good use to your team as I see it. What do you think?

I spoke to rest of my group and although it would be nice to have a bigger alliance your group isn’t as strong as ours and it would take a little more time for your people to get to our level. Keep playing and keep getting better tho and who knows in the future we might meet again either playing for same alliance or on the battlefield:-) good luck @Vuchew!!!

Thank you for the kind reply! :slight_smile: I fully understand your point.
Enjoy and see you in game!

Yeah you too!!! It takes time to get somewhere so need to be patient. Build your teams and keep playing :slight_smile:

Open Empire is looking for 13 new members. Min 1600 cups and using all 6 flags in wars plus helping with titans is required. All our members are experienced with most of us above 2000 cups and around 10 in diamond tier. We offer a co-leadership in return plus advice on the game etc. Also would consider merging with another group on similar level to ours.

If you are unhappy in your alliance and fancy to change something come join us! We will be happy to make you a part of our team!!!

@zephyr1 could you close this one for me please:-) thanks :slight_smile:

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