Empire Division looking for new members

Very interested. 2500+ team power, 1000+ trophies. Daily player, social player. Username WhoPooted

Hiya! Feel free to find us. Search up empire division and we’ll accept ya!

Lotsa more empty spaces!

Not hardcore pvpers. Hardcore titan hitters!

Just finishee the initial weeding and have 3 available spots.
As mentioned in previous posts…

400+ trophies is all you need! We dont have any issues helping out new players.

Currently hitting 8* titans. Have won all alliance wars so far.

Look for us if you are interested!

Back again with another opening!

400+ trophies and is active. Currently beating up 7/8* titans!


Looking for 2 new members! 400+ trophies is all we are asking for.

Have only lost one alliance war so far ( this was cause of a few inactive folks we just kicked!)

Beating up 8* titans!

Please speak english! Even broken english is fine!

Apply if you are looking for something!

Quick bump. Requirements still the same! Swing by if you need a home! 2 spots still!

One AR thread per alliance allowed.

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