Emblems from Delilah to Kingston?

This is my current defence. My other emblems are here right now…

And 20 in Jackal and 19 in wilbur.

As I am planning to put Joon in defence I don’t need delilah much longer for defence as costumed Joon is really good at flank. Good plan?

That’s fine as long as you’re sure you won’t miss Delilah’s better stats and revive chance on offense.

But IMO your defense could be better if you swap Aegir for Alasie instead. Kunchen + Aegir on center feels really passive to me for a regular raid defense team, and I’d target both with tiles no question if I saw them to charge my skills.

I would give this a try if you give Kingston the Fighter emblems:
GM | Kingston | Kunchen | Joon | Alasie

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The correct order of the heroes in your defense (based on speed, colour, skills and class), is GM, Zeline, Kunchen, Joon and Alasie. Btw, a middle with Aegir and Kunchen in one’s defense is just too silly and easy to defeat :slight_smile:

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Lol ok i’ll replace aegir edit done Alasie is back. She will be replaced by Finley

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