Emblem Path - Health vs Defense

I just averaged the stats for all my 4* & 5* heroes at one time, and that’s about the ratio they came out to, both for median and mean averages.

[I’ve never calculated it for all E&P heroes, but my roster included about 50-60 4* & 5* heroes (excluding duplicates) at the time I did the averaging, so it was a fairly significant sampling.]

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I would say defense

The best example is grimm i have him at +11 health attack route but god is so bad at survive so now i will go defense attack route for sure

I feel like more defense can bring about more health by preserving it whereas more health may not help defensively if you have strong snipers one-shotting all that health away regardless.

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With DoT becoming so common in defense teams, is this topic worth revisiting?

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Maybe, what are your thoughts?

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DOT completely bypasses defense. Health would seem to be worth more against DOT heroes.

What about tile damage?
Def or health or doesn’t matter?
What parameters will increase DoT?

Attack increases dot damage. I have Nat with 15 talents and green dot damage is 287 per tick while 241 against all other colors.

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Well, I haven’t put too much thought into it, but these defenses with GM and Vela flanks and a Jabberwock wing are brutal.

Come to think of it, it probably doesn’t matter whether health or defense is more important in those situations, because if they all go off, you’re probably toast either way.

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is my joon emblem going in a right way ( health vs defence because attack is primary ) and what is the next stages ?

I tried to broach the subject a month and a half ago, but the thread didn’t gain any traction.

If we accept the traditional wisdom that 1 point of defense was worth 2 hit points it would seem pretty plausible that now, with the spate of DoT heroes, that is no longer functionally true. I’m not saying I necessarily accept the premise, but even if I do I would now say that 1 defense is worth something less than 2 hit points now, as the game has shifted.


That’s similar to my train of thought, though I never could have put it so eloquently. Math isn’t my strong suit, so I wouldn’t even know where to begin with all the calculations and such… all I really have to go on is a hunch.

In the cases of, say, GM, Vela, Jabber, and Tyr - is it better to soften the blow from their direct damage with extra defense, or negate the DoT with extra HP?

If you go with extra HP and Tyr hits you, is that lower defense going to allow him to hit your hero for more than the extra HP boosts them?

I wouldn’t know how to go about testing it, other than knowing you’d need to have the same Tyr hit two versions of the same hero - one boosted with extra HP, one with extra defense - and then see how much health remains on each after the DoT is done, right?

Did any of this even make any sense?


Yep, which isn’t really a test we can run. What you said makes complete sense. I’ve mostly tried to think about this by considering the situations in which the hero will most often find themselves.

For example, I think a strong case can be made that Mother North should ALWAYS take HP > Def, given that it benefits her minions, heals, and that she’ll often face a DoT. Being in the corner of a defense the attacker will for sure be hitting her with GM, Natalya, Marjana, Jabberwock, etc.

On the other hand, for Telluria it’s pretty clearly defense, given her class and tank position (despite the minions).

Other cases are trickier, like say we have Ariel and know we’ll use her against GM tanks. Okay, maybe HP to combat burn and working with heals. But she’ll also have to counter what the other defenders do, as well as, say, Ares tanks, where defense may very well be superior. So I don’t have a clear answer there, just trying to illustrate the thought process I’d follow.


I don’t think that there are big noticeable differences between def and health. I would try to balance both stats. Health ~1400 and def ~700 or above seem to be good for me.


DoT can be mitigated by heals both regular and HoT. Defense is still a priority for me even with the addition of more DoT heroes.

its better to have balanced heroes especially with the addition of health reduction heroes, if you have high def but low hp its a bit useless

BUT if your hero is mainly for titan and no other uses, then i would go full defense coz you are most likely to use turtle banner very often
otherwise its always better to have the most balance possible between hp/health

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