Emblem Path For Ursena?

Best emblem path for a tank Ursena? Or Flank? I just pulled her and am a 3/70. I’m about to ascend her but was wondering the best route to go for her?

Would go att & def as much as possible

For parts of the path where you have to choose between the 2, I’d go defense

Wouldnt take her higher than 19


Depends on how you use her β€”

As a tank β€” I look at the yellow as a bonus on everything but Titans; as if I’m getting attacked β€” they might not bring yellow. So the family bonus (build around her), hitting hard and a few extra hps is a plus.

As a flank β€” she needs to live longer, as she’s likely to go off less. So defense β€”

I mention the family bonus β€” as it lets me use a mana troop for higher attack while keeping defense on par with a crit troop when using non family.

I like her at center β€” with say … Vela or a hit all on flank. Basically, she hits really hard β€” and a good 1-2 punch will punish even a mediocre board. DoT damage seems to hurt more.

I have options; prefer others at flanks.

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