Alliance recruitment and Mergers

We are East of the Equator, a member of the Equator Alliances. We are part of a larger community and all our players benefit from our group with:

—extensive resource library
—development and mentoring advice
—warm and welcoming team atmosphere: it all has to be for fun!
—International: Spanning the globe from Canada to Australia, English is our common language.

Spots are available in our team

—2400 cups entry
—Advanced and experienced players
—Socially Competitive. We hit hard but no midnight alarms needed!
—Daily play; hit the titan every day (unless it’s a declared rest day to recuperate flags)
—12* to 14* Titans
—War is optional, but those who opt in use all flags
— Discord required
— Participation rules enforced and failure to adhere results in punishment or expulsion

Fancy joining up or learning more? Drop by our Discord Server (just click on our link for a chat to see if we are a good fit for each other! (No one wants to waste good gaming time joining a team that isn’t a good fit!)

We have 5 teams and Equator Alliances consists of:
-East of the Equator: Daily play 12* plus
-West of the Equator: Daily play 11* plus
-Equator Immortals: Daily play 9* plus
-Newbies on the Equator: Training and development, 8* plus
-Chillaxing the Equator: Relaxing play, 5* plus

Our teams are ready and waiting for you if you like a good fight, want to learn more about the game and are over 18.
Join the Equator Family of Alliances!

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We are recruiting new players

What level/ quality of players are you looking for?

Hi Snotface. Around 4k hp for our next performance team; once we’re at 20+ we will be aiming at 10/11 star titan minimum. But we can be flexible for people with potential. We have several teams at different strengths to play with. Hope to hear back from you.

We are an alliance of 19. All but 2 are 4k+
One is 3.9k one is 3k

That sounds great. Would you like to send some reps in to look around our community? We’re at and we can answer any queries you all may have?

I’m about to head to bed (in the UK) but my teammates in the US & Canada are ready to say hi.

Hi snotface. Come on over and check us out

We are still recruiting

Still recruiting. Give us a shout if interested.
Alliance Leader

We are still recruiting

We are still recruiting

We are still recruiting

We are still recruiting

We are still recruiting

Looking for a solid alliance? This is the place to go! :smiley:
Going strong for well over 3 years - with many of the original founders still active members of the clan today! :+1:t2: Keyword there is ACTIVE! :100:
Drop by Discord to see what we’re all about!

We are still recruiting

Within our various alliances there is room for players of all levels! From some of the best players in the game to a determined fellaw who just started playing 2 weeks ago!
We :heartpulse: experienced players who like to share their knowledge - as we have many such teammates… and we :heartpulse: to help new players grow!

Looking for a solid, no drama, place to play - stop by our Discord!

We are still recruiting

“One Size Fits All” usually doesn’t fit everyone :roll_eyes:
E&P clans don’t fit everyone either.
That is why Equator Group emcompasses various alliance! From top performance teams to easy going just-for-fun clans we’ll have one that fit - both now & later as our members can move between clans as fits their needs & game play!

Check us out - Isn’t the perfect fit worth the time? :wink:

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