Announcing equator alliances

Announcing Equator Alliances

East of the Equator, a long standing team with accomplished players in the top several hundred alliances, is pleased to announce our expansion to a multi alliance. All our players benefit from our community with

  • extensive resource library
  • development and mentoring advice
  • warm and welcoming, it all has to be for fun!
  • International: Spanning the globe from Canada to Australia

Spots are available in

East of the Equator:

  • 2000 cups entry
  • Advanced and experienced players
  • Socially Competitive, we hit hard but no midnight alarms needed!
  • 100% Participation in Titan hitting & Wars (We don’t just claim it, we actually do it!)
  • 11* & 12* Titans
  • Sounds like the right place for you? Drop by our Discord Server (just click on the link below) for a chat to see if we are a good fit for each other! (no one wants to waste good gaming time joining the wrong team!)

West of the Equator:

  • 1400 cups entry
  • Intermediate and relaxed players
  • development and training to prepare players for East of the Equator
  • entry currently open, find us in game

Just interested in game play tips and advice? - join our Knowledge Seekers section on Discord

Over 18s only. Discord mandatory as part of our community:
Hope to see you soon!

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Best alliance there is indeed!

If E&P is your game of choice then join us to partake in the addiction.

West of the Equator seldom has spaces due to the strong community. A rare opportunity to join the vibrant Equator community during this expansion phase. Come talk to us on discord!

Alliance leader

Or maybe you would just like tips and advice. We can do that ,just stop by for a chat if you like.

There are still openings in both alliances. Whether you’re looking for socially competitive or intermediate and relaxed, we got it.

Whether you are looking to grow or already have a good lineup we have a home for you!!!
Come check us out.

We are a very active alliance who rarely has openings,

Check us out before the war starts

Great Alliance with a great group of people.

If that’s all you need, West of the Equator might be your thing.


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