🧪 Early Information on Updated Ninja Tower Event [Part of The Beta Beat v43]

These Rare blessings were based on my chosing.
It seems that based on Tower of Magic and this Beta you can collect only 2 of each Rare blessing, and 4 of each regular blessing.

So only -30% is possible.

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Will this be spelled out clearly in live event info ? I think it should for better planning.

nothing changed on the event?

Just came here to thank again @PlayForFun for the great work he’s doing. You make the E&P gaming experience better for many players


Hurray, paywall the last 25 levels like Magic Tower. Doubt you’ll be able to get those tower flasks for free. :face_vomiting:

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The event itself is not arrived back to Beta, and this is the final Beta for V43.
So if there is any change, then it will not be tested before the release :frowning:

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worst part is if they made this way since magic tower and without rewards for the last 25 stages it would be easier to swallow.

I don’t understand. SG claims to listen to player feedback but there was overwhelming opposition to paywalling the last 25 floors in Magic Tower. And now they are doing the same to Ninja Tower? Do they really listen to the players?


Sorry I have to say that SGG are every day bigger and bigger jerks… They are killing this game by chasing the profit!

No they don’t. Simple as that.

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So you are thinking that this hero inflation where they almost every week provide us a bunch of new heroes, so players are chasing them spending a bunch of money is OK!? I think they should slow down with new events and heroes and let us enjoy at last some month with existing but that don’t bring them money…

You are thinking that buying a flasks just to finish Ninja tower is OK!? I think that no one should buy flasks even for gems just to finish event in case you make any mistake and fall some stage…

You are thinking that fact that they are telling us (not directly of course) how to play this game by punishing us if we play stages mono with -40% attack, if we play 4/1 with 30% attack, if we play 3/2 or 3/1/1 with 20% attack etc. According to them we should play rainbow in order not to be punished and easily fall stage… More fails, more bought flasks → more bought flasks, less gems for summons → less gems for summons, more real money for buying games for summon and that brings them money…

There are more things I could mention but this is enough for now…

So yes, I think that they are killing this game in their endeavor to grab as much money as they can… If you are thinking different it’s OK with me…


Punishing hero stacking on Ninja Tower, adding a powerful DoT on Clash of Knights… seems like they want to direct summons on The Slayers of Fellshadow :crazy_face:

Well, to me they can release as much heroes/events as they want but the really should do something for older heroes too (wich isn’t to release costume versions of them).

People are thinking at this moment instead to ask themselves what is next ingenious what SGG will try to implement in game… For example giving -40% if you are using mono team on Titan or during the war (-20% for those who use 3/2 or 3/1/1 teams)? I bet that many of players now approve this will start yelling - "Hey SGG, stop, what are you doing!?
Maybe having three free attack in a war and you should buy another three? Who can forbid them to do that?

The only thing that could stop them is the prospect of losing profit, I guess.

Things like “pay to get X” works as shown from Events and Tournaments due to ranking related rewards but titans and war chests won’t work like this and would probably turn directly into a loss of interest from the playerbase.

So …

Is the next payout from Zynga based on how many changes they can cram into the game at once?

Ninja Tower is receding deep, deep into the background of my game priorities now. I think the “Gain Experience” quest is now ahead of it.


Well, it seems I can easily get intop top 25k without using any flasks. Do people stop playing it or they simply cannot even complete Impossible 25? The battle took twice as long as the old version.

I stopped at the 26th floor, It takes too much time to complete the tower and my heroes would have been cursed before the end anyway.

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Same. I finished normal for the reward chests and fell very comfortably into the bracket for 10x of each emblem. To me, it wasn’t worth the time investment to get into a higher bracket, and my healers were beginning to rack up curses as well. I know that some folks reported that building a minion wall was basically necessary at higher levels, and I don’t really have the heroes for that either. The towers have always been the only content I don’t even really strive to compete on, and now SGG has made them worse with this F2P-unfriendly “feature”. Congrats on making me want to play less, SGG.

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This version of Ninja Tower is already released.
It is discussed here:

But soon it will be updated again: