🧪 Early Information on Trainer Troop XP Boost and Feeder Troop Food requirement reduction for Epic Troops [Part of The Beta Beat v63]

The ham cost is fine to me, I just want more exp for the troops. The farming system is also really outdated, being only able to farm for 2* troops 7 years into the game is really dated. At least include the 3* troops in there now. They’re rare, but at least they can freely appear


I’d like to upvote the 3* troop idea!!!

Put a gold frame around your post.


For me, this is the worst of all the bad ideas of recent years. I’ve invested a lot in troops over the last few weeks and months (bought troops, bought food). In the last few days I finally finished and have fed almost all my troops. Now leveling up is supposed to be cheaper and the troops bring more experience. I have accepted a lot in this game in the last years (too much), but the day this update will go live, I will quit the game. Some players in my alliance (Top100) already feel the same way. Changing the cost and experience for leveling up troops is not acceptable. In my opinion, another solution needs to be found urgently (e.g. limitbreak for troops, with extra materials that you can buy, if it’s just about taking money out of people’s pockets as usual). The new troop concept seems completely immature and not well thought out to me.


And it’s not just the troop leveling system that is extremely dated, everything in the base game is practically dated.

Things like those common quests, which is just ridiculous simple quests for the noobies that has never been updated. Those are also desperately in need of an overhaul


Is it though? For nothing? You got zero advantage from feeding all those troops?


Im keeping an open mind about legendary troops. My accounts - particularly my FTP account - have gained greatly from the introduction of LB2 so I saw that change very positively. This one is unlikely to be as beneficial but still will see how it actually plays out.

Regarding the troop feeding - yes it would be great if it was even more but even still this is the first positive change in this area of the game and so therefore is VERY POSITIVE. After over a year on my FTP account I have only managed to level 2 mana troops to 17 - if this has been live from the start then I would have had all 5 troops at level 17 probably by month 8 or 9. That is a game changing checkpoint in the progression of one’s roster.

As for being salty about levelling your troops at the higher rate over the last x years - that is as ridiculous as being salty that ANY new hero is introduced that is better than ANY old hero. Why should I have invested in getting things that when there are better/cheaper things out now? Well, because you got a use and an advantage out of them in all the time that you used them. Nothing has been wasted, it is just that from now on it will be cheaper. And more accessible for newer players, which is also great. I don’t see any negative about this at all.


Reducing cost is a nice move, but i fear that lack of communication will make good thing become bad again, i mean not every player knows about these beta info, so surely there will be players used their feeder and hams during this time, and when V63 come out with this change after they used their resources, i can expect devs will face a lot of rage and complaints again…

There’s absolutely some “Get off my lawn!” grumpiness here. I’ve played this game almost every day for five years and two months now. And I’ve spent. I’m jaded from the things that we were supposed to get that never materialized (Dragons, New buildings, QoL) vs. all the crap that they roll out that [practically] no one asked for and is overwhelmingly derided by beta testers and forum users.

They don’t even bother with the Q&A’s anymore. Why? Likely because they don’t have answers for the most common questions that don’t reduce to increasing their revenue stream.


Woo Hoo! Stopped troop levelling for now till Zynga releases this update. Any improvement is better than none.

In the mean time, farming for feeder troops as much as possible. ToU then AR.

Did a quick stock take in case I feel like gambling for Legendary troops. 82m ham crates and 93m iron crates. :grin:

Haven’t counted my hoarded trainer troops yet. :joy::rofl:

+1 in the “happy” camp


oh man, this is a great change, really like it. I just started on my Styx troops and I’ll wait until this update. Nice move :slight_smile:

You know what I mean. If in just a few months I could level more troops with just the same amount of feeders and food it is an important waist of my resources. Now, everyone could reach my level in a short time. It is not fair by my book but anyway. This is just Zynga screwing on mi again…

No idea what level you are at.

I am at 99, gunning for 100.

I spent a fair penny first sourcing my 30 mana troops, then spent more accelerating 18 mana troops for about 18 months from April 2019 onwards, to 30/29/29. Purchased gems to get more 3/4* feeders from troop portal, ham from the shop.

No trainer troops or ham crates then.

How cheated do you think I should feel ? :thinking:

Do I feel cheated ? Nah. Those maxed troops came in handy. I used them so much that I felt bad that I couldn’t approve their leave applications, till I maxed my magic rainbow set (with judicious use of trainer troops and ham crates) :crazy_face:

Looking forward to finishing my Cyclope rainbow set faster and cheaper now. :tada:


I can only say that I made that proposal a long time ago and I made it again a few months ago and that for my part, without me having had anything to do with it, I feel happy about this change.
Troops are essential in this game to the point that a current 4* team with maxed out troops is better than a 5* team with unleveled troops.

So thanks.

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This is great news. Wish they had told us sooner, because ive burnt a good few troop feeders recently to push some magic troops to 23.

Still not happy about the 5* troop idea and have no plan to pull for them. It feels like they sit around all day brainstorming ways to backstage the progress existing players have made.


More like them brainstorming to get more revenue in. :joy::rofl:

This is a happy side effect of them going ahead with legendary troops. Those, who don’t wish to join the chase for troop supremacy, can continue with their epic troop levelling at a discount.

If Zynga didn’t reduce troop levelling costs with this new revenue stream, the idea would probably fail.

That Zynga Finance team has been busy with their financial models for this new initiative. :joy:


To some extent I get it. If things remain static, there is less to motivate you to play. There has to be some power creep to give players targets and a sense of progress. (The game in my profile pic is a VR dungeon crawler released a few weeks ago - ive already hit the max player level and found top tier weapons - not really sure how im supposed to measure progress going forward unless they up the numbers).

I just wish they could find ways to do it with less of a jolt.

Glad they’ve acknoledge that training troops takes way too much time… only to add troops that take even longer. Seems contradictory.


They had to fix the troops eventually. Are people really saying cheaper troop training is bad? What?


I agree. I know it is sunken cost… But maybe throw us a million ham per lvl 26+ troop…

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It’s an emotional complain. Due to feelings being hurt