🧪 Early Information on Timesaver VIP [Part of The Beta Beat v65]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the Timesaver VIP

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

Timesaver VIP

This is a new offer in the Shop at the same section where the VIP offer is available in the game.

The offer is valid thru 30 days, and it also includes a “Crystal Pet Dragon”.
The price is not known, but Staff said it will be at “low price”.

When you are buying it you get this dialog.

This Timesaver VIP offer can be active at the same time as the regular VIP access.

Mini Timesaver VIP

Every 23 hours you can watch an adveritsment, which can enable you a Mini Timesaver VIP for 10 minutes.

Fast Battle mode

During Quest or Map Stages Battles when the Mini or normal Timesaver VIP is active, then you can speed up the animates in the game to 2x with a :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: button bellow the flee and auto play buttons.

Loot Tickets in Quests

There will be specific quests (Mirages of Omega will not be included for sure) which need to be completed only once after V65 will go live.
Once you have completed them once in V65 or later, and they are reoccuring when this mini or normal Timesaver VIP, then you can use loot tickets to automatically collect them.

Auto Win button will be shown for the quest similarly to the already competed map stages, but here you can not play each level once, but just use 1 loot ticket.
When you click on it, then a dialog is shown with this text:

If you click on the loot ticket button, then you can collect the rewards.

Using Loot tickets in Challenge Events is allowed, but they give you only 100 points / stage.


Speedups can be use to speed up training time or crafting time.

There are 3 type of Speedups
1H Speedup - Reduces the remaing time with 1 hour if used.
10H Speedup - Reduces the remaing time with 10 hour if used.
1D Speedup - Reduces the remaing time with 1 day if used.

In game tooltip for 1H Speedup for example:

The gem skip icon is replaced with a speedup + gem icon for those operations, which can be speeded up.

Once you can click on it a dialog is shown, with a caption “Speedup”.
You can see the Current Time Left in the top.
There are 4 lines with a + / - options bellow it.
In the first 3 lines you can see how much speedups do you have from each speedup type, and you can adjust the quantity with + or - sign.

In this last line you can see you gem count, and if you click on the + sign, then gems to use jumps up to the full remaing gem cost value. At this state you click on the - sign, which reduces the used gems to 0.
So fine tuning the gems to use is not possible.
Of course if you use speedups too, then gem cost is reducing.

In the bottom of the screen you can see the Time left after using Speedups, and a Confirm buttom.

Once you click on Confirm the speedup is applied.

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This is good to hear.

Edit: tested it. ad gets you 10 minutes of the time saving features

Mini Timesaver VIP:
Watch an ad to get 10 minutes of mini timesaver VIP. You can get mini timesaver VIP once a day.
While the mini timesaver VIP is active, you can play battles in fast battle mode and use loot tickets in quests. Other benefits of the Timesaver VIP are not included in the mini timesaver VIP.

Edit 2:
There are four quests active right now in Beta
The masquerade, Seasons of Love, and scavenge resources quests can be loot ticketed.
Mirages of Omega cannot.

Edit3: the VIP comes with 3 one hour time skips. When I go to use them, skip now comes with four options that you can use in any combination (it looks like) to skip items (I skipped a timestop for example).
1 hour, 10 hour, 1 day, and gems.
So we may get other timeskips along the ways.
Time skips can be used on HA10. It nicely tells you the current time left and the new time after using skips.

Edit4: 2x speed is here! Finally! Unfortunately it’s kinda locked behind a pay wall. I will take advantage of those 10 minutes a day when I want to farm my monster chest. The 2x speed was available when I did season 1 8-7. It works on both autoplay and non autoplay. It is not available for titans.

Edit 5: 2x speed does not apply to raids :frowning:

Edit 6: preview image

Edit 6: If you have 2x speed enabled, when you enter another battle/stage, the 2x will still be enabled. That is nice that we don’t have to click it every time.


So this timesaver VIP is only available by merchant?


About time. Too bad it’s locked behind a paywall for EP, except for the mini 10min VIP.

Fast Play should be included as a benefit to all players, and not be hidden behind a paywall.


Timesaver is ok (ok good esp. for the free 10 mins). But i am a bit sad that the main focus of Beta lately is solely about increase the things to sell, and not about the game fundamental / development / quality


I’ve read the comments on this thread and thought about it a little.

I’ve been annoyed with the nickel and diming associated with this game over the years. For some reason, I have ZERO issues with this instance. This (IMO) should be THE microtransactions instead of some of the others we have to wade through when we fire up the app.

I can’t explain why this doesn’t annoy me. :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

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Zynga/take2 are known to be very greedy and monetizing everything in their games
Why people still surprised after these years?!
Zynga would make the game log in behind a paywall if it wants to and im pretty sure the whales will be ok with it
You want zynga to be less greedy? Ask the whales to spend less

I’m thinking this can be strategically helpful. The last few levels of the Masquerade quest just feel endless thanks to ridiculous levels of mobling HP. The last few levels of Goblin Village where I end up praying that Hetepheres’ blind causes somebody to miss seem like good candidates to skip. Even the last couple of levels of Covenant quests can be frustrating with bad boards, given the WE it costs to re-do one.

This may be the best feature for me. You can basically speed up HA 10 by almost a day each week? That’s not bad, and it can also finally move me off of collecting at days/times that aren’t ideal for me.

Thanks for the extensive info, @Ruskin505 . For the price of one ad per day, I think these benefits are not half bad.


Yes, this changes how some may approach certain quests. If there is an end stage you find particularly difficult or you use a lot of items (or even gem revives), then one loot ticket can be well worth the price.
Covenant quest stages are the prime candidate, but we’ll see if that’s an option.
I wonder how tower stages will work. Would I take 0 score on the last ten levels if I could loot ticket them and not play just to complete? Possibly since those last 10 stages can take some time to play.

yeah if you do the math of 3 skips a day over 7 days you can shave off 21 hours a week.
HA is the prime usecase for these skips. I guess if you needed to rush some mana pots for challenge events, but that’s not something I’ve encountered so I’ll put it to HA.

On a separate note I asked SG to give us a challenge event because I’m curious how 2x speed interacts with challenge events. It’s certainly something I can see being wonky so I’m hoping we can test that before it’s live.

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I always play the towers for normal completion, so yes, I would take that.

I think they could save themselves a lot of headaches by not allowing it there. That juice (speeding up challenge events) isn’t worth the squeeze (the grousing and possible exploits that will inevitably result).


Does anyone have more detailed information on this subject?

Here you go

Got nothing, but I don’t mind them making bank off people’s impatience. I don’t see the value personally.


I’d like to suggest that this would be a great time to adress the concerns about the old VIP and suggestions regarding the use of builders after the buildings are done.

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Selling features they should be building for useability to keep people from fleeing this game in droves. Lovely.


this is the one I most want to use it on!

so this is the option for those who do not purchase the VIP?

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Correct, it just means that you play quests and map stages at 2x speed for 10 minutes every day.


thank you for clarifying! well, it’s something I guess… those 10 minutes will come in handy… um… between work meetings… or… um…

Total hit by surprise that they are doing the 2x speed now FINALLY!

And I am sorry to say that they missed chance and put it behind a pay wall again… Game is getting greedy beyond what I would imagine.
This feature is in most similar games and is normal to be used. But SG sees an chance to make more money again…
Players are running away more and more every day: put in some new feature and make them pay!


I get the want to paywall it, but this is a great opportunity to offer something many have been asking for for years (2x auto play) for free, to encourage more people to stay.

Put the rest of it behind the paywall. Free Loot tickets. Loot tickets for quests. Even 3x speed. It’s just so short-sighted.