[Master Discussion] VIP and Timesaver VIP Passes

This purpose of this topic to discuss the new Premium VIP and (Mini, Normal and Premium) Timesaver VIP offers, which are released with Version 65.

VIP Passes

Each VIP passes are now limited to maximum 395 days.
You can not extend them to longer than this duration.

Offer Details
Regular VIP PassVIP This is the Reqular VIP offer, which is now a bit cheaper than earlier, which gives you:
  • Extra Base Builder
  • Bonus Daily Summon
    (You will get 2 daily summons instead of 1 in every 23 hours)
  • Daily rewards, what you can collect over 30 days:
    • 30x Gems
    • 3x Emblems from a random class
    • 3x Loot tickets
  • Teal Pet Dragon
    Premium VIP PassPVIP This is a more expensive version of the VIP pass, which gives you more benefits:
    • +10% Production Bonus
    • Extra Base Builder
    • Bonus Daily Summon
      (You will get 2 daily summons instead of 1 in every 23 hours)
    • Daily rewards, what you can collect over 30 days:
      • 50x Gems
      • 6x Emblems from a random class
      • 6x Loot tickets
    • Indigto Pet Dragon
      Timesaver VIP PassTimeSaver Ths is new type of Pass, which grants you these rewards:
      • Unlocks Fast Battle
      • Use Loot Tickets in Quests
      • Daily rewards, what you can collect over 30 days:
        • 2x 1H Speedup
        • 2 Loot tickets
      • Crystal Pet Dragon
        Premium Timesaver VIP PassPTimesaverVIP Ths is new upgraded version of the Timesaver VIP Pass which grants you these better rewards:
        • Unlocks Fast Battle
        • Use Loot Tickets in Quests
        • Daily rewards, what you can collect over 30 days:
          • 6x 1H Speedup
          • 6x Loot tickets
        • Onyx Pet Dragon
          Mini Timesaver VIPMiniTimesaver This is the free version of Timesaver which grant you these benefits for 10 minutes every 23 hours after you watch an advertisment:
          • Unlocks Fast Battle
          • Use Loot Tickets in Quests

          Mini Timesaver VIP

          Every 23 hours you can watch an adveritsment, which can enable you a Mini Timesaver VIP for 10 minutes.

          New Contents of the VIP Passes

          +10% Production Bonus

          Click for details

          Your Farms and Mines are fillig up 10% faster using this production bonus.
          When you check your Farms or Mines, then you can see that the Production Per Hour is increased with 10%:

          Fast Battle

          Click for details

          During Quest or Map Stages Battles when any Timesaver VIP is active, then you can speed up the animations in the game to 2x with the icon / arrow button bellow the flee and auto play buttons:

          gameplay188x172 Gameplay

          It is disabled by default, and you can turn it on or off any time until it expires.

          :warning: Note:
          This game mode is not active in events, where time is a factor for the score such as Challenge or Tower Events.

          Loot Tickets in Quests

          Click for details


          There will be specific quests (Mirages of Omega will not be included for sure) which need to be completed only once after you updated to version 65.

          Once you have completed them once in Version 65 or later, and they are reoccuring when a Timesaver VIP offer is active, then you can use loot tickets to automatically collect them.

          Auto Win button will be shown for the quest similarly to the already competed map stages, but here you can not play each level once, but just use 1 loot ticket.
          When you click on it, then a dialog is shown with this text:


          If you click on the loot ticket button, then you can collect the rewards.

          Using Loot tickets in Challenge Events is allowed, but they give you only 100 points / stage, which is also mentioned in a warning screen:


          And the Score screen also contains this information if you proceed:

          If you have not played a specific stage earlier, then you get this dialog:


          :warning: Note:
          This game mode is not active for all events and quests.

          Loot tickets CAN be used in:

          • Recurring quests:
            • Common Quests
            • Uncommon Quests
            • Rare Quests
          • Seasonal Events
          • Class Quests
          • Challenge Events (note: using a Loot Ticket will give a score of 100 points)
          • Alliance Quests (note: using a Loot Ticket will give a score of 100 points)
          • Goblin Village
          • The Masquerade
          • Mirages of Omega

          Loot tickets CANNOT be used in:

          • Covenant Quest
          • Starter Quest
          • Contest of Elements
          • Tavern of Legends
          • Tower Events
          • Monster Island


          Click for details


          Speedups can be use to speed up training time or crafting time.
          There are 3 type of Speedups:

          • 1H Speedup - Reduces the remaing time with 1 hour if used.
          • 10H Speedup - Reduces the remaing time with 10 hour if used.
          • 1D Speedup - Reduces the remaing time with 1 day if used.

          In game tooltip for 1H Speedup for example:

          The gem skip icon is replaced with a speedup + gem icon for those operations, which can be speeded up.

          Once you can click on it a dialog is shown, with a caption “Speedup”:

          You can see the Current Time Left in the top.
          There are 4 lines with a + / - options bellow it.
          In the first 3 lines you can see how much speedups do you have from each speedup type, and you can adjust the quantity with + or - sign.

          In this last line you can see you gem count, and if you click on the + sign, then gems to use jumps up to the full remaing gem cost value. At this state you click on the - sign, which reduces the used gems to 0.
          So fine tuning the gems to use is not possible.
          Of course if you use speedups too, then gem cost is reducing.

          In the bottom of the screen you can see the Time left after using Speedups, and a Confirm button.

          There is an additional confirmation if you click on Confirm:


          Once you click on Confirm again he speedup is applied.


          What happens if I buy the Normal vs Premium VIP or Timesaver VIP offers for the same time ?

          Click for answer

          The remaining time of the normal and premium VIP can be viewed if you click on the :grey_question: icon

          What happes if you have longer than 30 days of VIP offers after updating to V65 ?

          Click for answer

          Official FAQ pages

          :link: Related topics


          Beta topic:


          I’m glad it’s every 23 hours so I can theoretically use it ever morning. I loved using it this morning and I’m tempted to break my f2p status for times we vip.


          Does the fast battle work on titans too? Im guessing no but could be useful if so.

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          No, it can be used for specific Quests and Events only.


          And all map stages of course.


          Yes, of course :slight_smile:

          Sorry, I have missed that.

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          Does the time saver work with say reduce energy on seasons


          Yes. I used it today.


          Cool will try it out

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          The bad thing about the 10 minutes mini timesaver is when it’s over I feel like all my battles are happening in slowmo :sweat_smile:


          Actually i think it has been slowed down anyway, hopefully someone can compare old gameplay to current, because when I attack titans it feels super slow now, slower than it used to be. And this was before using the timesaver.

          I have now purchased the “premium” one to try for this month, I figured I do a lot of farming and gameplay it will save me a lot of time, and so far I am right, I like it.
          I dont think I will use the timers to skip building/crafting though so I will save all of those, but the loot tickets and 2x speed is very nice (and of course being able to use tickets on challenge events in rare will be fantastic)


          I have forgotten to activate the free time saver for the mobs quest. Need to ensure the habit.


          So just to be clear, I haven’t updated to version 65 yet. If I now buy ver. 64’s version of the VIP pass for a year, and then upgrade, I’ll get a whole year of the new Premium VIP for the whole year?

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          after use mini timesaver, game become very lag, same to freeze… (about 4-6 seconds) :upside_down_face:


          Yes. And the premium VIP is more expensive now. I did this and I don’t regret.

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          I’m actually noticing a lag as well when I’m moving tiles which is weird :face_with_spiral_eyes:


          Help, please. I bought the premium timesaver and am now whipping through map stages as if my hair’s on fire and it’s super-cool, save for when I then switch to raids and they feel like I’m slogging through molasses in winter, but I don’t know what the “1hr speedups” in my inventory do, and I haven’t noticed a spot in which to use ‘em. Map stages are sped up already, so what are the twelve “1hr speedup” items in my inventory for? How would I use one? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t see any place that would let me “use” one (for what?).

          Thanks for enlightening me!

          (Just as an aside, while I looove the ability to play mega-fast, I’m now wondering what else can be sped up so that I needn’t do much besides open the game once a day. I’m loathe to mention ‘em lest I give the devs any ideas, but it strikes me as a move borne out of desperation. I hope I’m wrong, but between this, the Owl heroes who are sooo absurdly, stupidly over-powered as to be impossible to defeat unless I, too, have a handful of Owl heroes, it feels as if the game is breaking down.) (I’ve only been playing for a year, so I imagine my frustration and concern isn’t a tenth that of the old-timers. How you’ve managed to stick the game out this long is beyond me, and I bow down before you!)


          Honestly I am not sure, because I didn’t buy it, but I suppose it reduces waiting time for stuff such as building buildings, training heroes in camps and HA and similar by one hour? Can someone confirm?

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          The 1 hr speed up are so you can speed up crafting, training of heroes, building upgrades etc.
          Hopefully an official list of what we can and can’t use them on in the OP will be added sometime

          But I agree, I am sure the “normal” speed has been reduced to 0.5x speed because it really does feel like it. And it wouldn’t be past them doing it on purpose to try make us buy the timesaver


          I just came here to say that while upgrading an advanced iron storage, I was offered the use of the speedups! While that’s cool, shaving twelve hours off a 7.5 day upgrade isn’t really useful. :smiling_face: Perjaps I’ll find some other area where I can use ‘em and it’ll be worthwhile.

          Thanks for taking the time, nightmare!

          (Hey! I see you a couple times a week while I’m sleeping. :wink:) (Knock it off, please!)

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