🧪 Early Information on the April 2020 HOTM (Malosi)

Thanks for the clarification, didn’t read correctly, my bad.

Now another silly question: are DOTs status effects? (Wondering, since they put an icon on the victims)

Of course they are :slight_smile:


JF: hi guys! I’m ready to fire!
Malosi: hold my beer.



Also, the effects are not always show an icon. For example, mana cut is a negative effect. Therefore Ursena will block mana cut from Guin, Li and Chao… Or like I said above, dispelling is also a negative effect with no icon displayed.

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Nevermind 20chars

This :ok_hand:

The game has specific definitions for what it considers status effects.

Everything that Malosi should block the target from casting is listed in the dropdown below:

Click to see all Status effects so far

Malosi should not prevent these things:

  • Direct Damage
  • Mana reductions
  • Minion summoning
  • Direct Healing
  • Dispels
  • Cleanses
  • Removals

EDIT: I’ve also edited the main post to include this reference. Hopefully that clears up the confusion!


Ailments are negative status effects…

Seems they are repeating them, as grimble also had the same as onatel… similarity there is both dark and holy heroes in each case.

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So, it’s kinda confusing…

  1. A status effect as mana block for example is obviously a negative effect
  2. But not vice versa…
  3. A negative effect is not a status effect (like dispelling)

LMAO :rofl:


Well, it is a negative effect, just not status effect… I guess it’s similar to a difference between enchantments and instants in Magic the Gathering world.

I like the design a lot. Simple concept in contrast with some of the ridiculously complex cards they’ve been putting out.

If anyone missed out on Grazul, I think he will be a much better version of her. Replace the weak minor healing with a decent snipe, and less situational because it affects buffers as well as debuffers. Grazul has the advantage of protecting against all enemies instead of 1, but usually you only have 1 in mind when you fire her anyway.

Also protecting for 3 turns is much better than 2. 2 can sometimes be dicey with predicting when a special will go off.


So does she make single target undispellable heroes completely obsolete or is there a chance Natalya and Morgan were not completely forgotten and destroyed (well Grazul already destroyed them so…)?


Look at this awesome infographic xD Everything are effects, some are positive, some are negative, some are status effects that last some turns that can be positive or negative xD


Will this be the end of the Boss Wolf tanks hanging around out there? You would have to get extremely unlucky to lose to him with this hero…

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Once they are out they cannot be dispelled until the duration ends, but they can be prevented before they are cast and unfortunately that is what happens. Rip Natalya xD

Edit: I totally misread your comment, but anyway

I agree with the concern idea, but in reality, neither nat or Morgan have ever been real defensive threats (even if Morgan is said to be one in war). So I don’t see it changing their usability much… I also don’t expect to see this hotm being on defense much and if they were, might not even hit Morgan or nat.

Cool counter to Kunchen. Unfortunately for me, even if I get him, he won’t be of any use for me, because I don’t remember when was the last time I powered up fast yellow hero before tanking Kun fired his :laughing:

If he charges before Ursena, he can also be great counter to her. Though this is pretty risky, but using his skill before her will shut down her yellow reflect from activating.

Pretty much anything that casts something he’ll shut down, provided he fires before them. Good counter also to Aegir tanks, Poseidon flanks/wings, Gravemaker in general, Santa, upcoming J.F. and Telluria … I even used him against a Guinevere team with two dark flanks, and he shut her down preventing any healing + dark defense nonsense from happening.

Bear in mind though, that the above positive experiences also require Malosi to charge first. Being fast makes this a lot easier thankfully, but not guaranteed.

I think he’s a great hero, would love to summon him.


I’d replace Joon for him but won’t replace Drake Fong for him.


Whoa, looks like Mariamne has a worthy succesor :wink:


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