🧪 Early Information on the April 2020 HOTM (Malosi)

I think status effects are those effects that last some time, that have icons, dispelling affects those status effects but is not a status effect in itself, at least that’s how I understand the wording in this game.

Ive changed my mind again:
I personally would like to see this hero more in the range of 775-800 atk with the same 370% damage and maybe 1255 hp

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It’s not like that… Status effects represent all positive and negative effects. Dispelling is a negative effect. See Mitsuko special. A blue hero like Sonya cannot dispel Mitsuko, because dispelling is a negative effect.


Ok here is the backstory of this hero:

Small Games: Here are the new heroes for January, February and March to test for you!

Forum: They are overpowered!

Small Games: here is the fix

Small numbers are tweaked

Forum: They are still overpowered! Paying player will have such a strong advantage!

Small Games: don’t worry everything will be fine! Here is this hero you can buy in April to help you fight these.

Ok back to the topic:
He looks like a good counter to the heroes yet to be released and some already here.


Seems to be a great offensive hero, really solid titan hero and poor defensive hero. Fast is nice, the snipe is okay, and the pre cleanse / dispel idea is cool. Overall, solid hero that I’d be happy to own.


The description seems to be clear about affecting only status effects, so those from this topic. Dispel, Cleanse, Heal and Direct Mana Removal are like instant effects, so they will not be affected, as well as dealing damage.


So is this the Telluria counter?

You just prevent the mana regeneration by hitting with Malosi?

Also why is this post not in general discussion part of the forum? @zephyr1


Mitsuko reflects Sonya because she’s blue. Take Grazul for example, her skill prevents negative effects and yet it can be dispelled.

He’s not a perfect cyborg… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got your back @zephyr1

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Read again Grazul card… “new status ailments”. Not effects… It is a big difference :wink:

Looks like a fun and balanced hero, but the team used their entire creativity for the idea of a yellow hero who does something other than blind and mana cut, so decided to go with the laziest special skill name: POWER PUNCH

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Because #general-discussion has increasingly become only for complaint threads over the last several months, so I’m no longer posting Beta Beat or new Hero/Event threads in it, just like I stopped posting Class Trials and Raid Tournaments in it months ago.

(And yes, I recognize that there are plenty of complaints in Beta Beat threads.)


Sounds like there should be a #general-conplaints section :wink:


Off topic, but we’re discussing some slight modifications to the Forum Categories, based on previous discussion on the Forum about them.


Thanks for the clarification, didn’t read correctly, my bad.

Now another silly question: are DOTs status effects? (Wondering, since they put an icon on the victims)

Of course they are :slight_smile:


JF: hi guys! I’m ready to fire!
Malosi: hold my beer.



Also, the effects are not always show an icon. For example, mana cut is a negative effect. Therefore Ursena will block mana cut from Guin, Li and Chao… Or like I said above, dispelling is also a negative effect with no icon displayed.

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Nevermind 20chars

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