🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

I’m so surprised how there is no uproar on this hero … literally is a game over special when fires
the cubes are devastating , the mindless attacks don’t let you recover , the reduction in HP
Throw a MN/ALBY / ARIEL with this hero on roster and just devastating , does not matter that she is very slow.

apparently JF V1 was OP, I say alfrike is super OP and out of this world

Alfrike would be OP if anything other than very slow. And he’s vulnerable to every mana manipulation there is.

So it becomes a priority to ensure he doesn’t fill if on defense (unless you have Merlin, Hansel, or Gretel).


Beta Update

The Small Giant Staff have indicated that they plan to close Beta tomorrow, and reopen it later this week with additional Season 3 content, including the first Season 3 Provinces.


I can’t express how much I want that blue wolf guy beside Kage. :slight_smile: I’m excited

So, based on his 2nd skill, Ratatoskr is best used as an offensive hero?

Beta Update

As planned, Beta has now closed, ending Season 3 Beta 3.

I’ll update again when Beta reopens.

As the first Season 3 Provinces are expected, I’ll be making a new thread for the Provinces, and keeping this thread updated with Season 3 Heroes.


Oh I am pumped for S3 provinces, I need new map content in my game lol

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That’s where I liked Ratatoskr best.

Can also be a good flank to a blue tank though. Because Ratatoskr weakens green tiles on the current board. Richard in my experience was his best tank to flank for – since both their attack drops are independent (one applies to the attacker, the other to the green tiles).

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When will S3 start ?

We don’t know yet, but it’s looking pretty feasible it could be in March. I’d be a bit surprised if it’s later than April.


Thanks bro for quick reply. S2 didn’t give me any 5 star heroes from both normal and hard summon. Hope I’ll get 5 stars in S3 summon :slight_smile:

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Good luck!

The odds are sure to be…

checks notes

…uh, well there are some cool new 3* :+1: :grimacing:


Personally, I am looking forward to the S3 heros. They look really awesome. Combined with all the new heros from the updated Challenge events…the game should get interesting!


I’ll wait and collect all coins and do it at a time when good HOTM meets . Later part SG will introduce new heroes also . So I won’t start summon when S3 starts . This time I’ll wait


S3 season will be exciting, I’m looking forward it .

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So Ratotaskr’s special must be to use her on offense. If +64% attack when attacking hero casts the special…then offense.

You wouldn’t want to use her in your defense because of the -57% attack when defending hero casts the special.

Am I reading this correctly? :thinking:

No you’re misunderstanding.

When you use the skill on offense it provides your team with the boosted attack shields (tiles)

When the skill is used by your defense it makes your opponent’s shields (tiles) have -57% attack

Edit: To specify I mean the effected shields (tiles) not all of them.

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Thnx😊 maybe they need to work on the wording. Or maybe I’m the only one interpreting this way.

Beta Update

Beta has reopened, with the return of the Season 3 Heroes, as well as the introduction of the first Season 3 Provinces and gameplay.

@DaveCozy has offered to update this thread and the upcoming HOTM threads with the balance changes in this Beta, so those will come as he completes them.

In the meantime, I’ve added a new thread for the Season 3 Province & Gameplay:

=> 🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Provinces & Gameplay [Part of The Beta Beat V27]


Thank you for updating the information at the top @DaveCozy


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