🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

Yeah he’s built to stall, but not for much else.

What stops Tyr from being over the top for me is that his damage is absolutely pathetic :stuck_out_tongue: I feel that this is what is keeping him balanced.

Here’s a comparison to Perseus, who is currently the weakest 5* sniper:

Hero Damage before modifiers
Tyr 2166
Perseus 2573.75

And now here’s a comparison to Caedmon, a classic 4* sniper with no costume:

Hero Damage before modifiers
Tyr 2166
Caedmon 2190.75

Damage isn’t everything of course, as Tyr also has DoT (but even that is weak), a heal over time, a pierce chance, etc.

Personally I think he’s a well balanced hero, from what I’ve used him on. He can become unkillable very quickly, but he can’t win matches on his own either. He can get overrun very quickly if he’s the only hero left on offense, once his immortal buff is used up and he can’t charge it in time.

He will probably be considerably stronger on defense, particularly during field aid wars.


Agreed. At least if he resurrects himself the HOT goes away, but he’s also a fighter, so he gets the extra chance at reviving in case his buff isn’t up. And then there’s the whole character itself. Are we helping Thor stave off an invasion of the Marvel IP acquired from Fox?

Could someone knowledgeable comment on the implementation of this? Is it a (dispellable) status effect?

Edit: sorry - I quoted the entire special for context, but it’s thev second effect I’m asking about.

Do the squirrel’s tiles count towards Tarlak’s cap on his special?

No, the tiles get an attack buff of their own, that stacks beyond the cap of Tarlak/Miki buffs.


Well just to highlight how mediocre of a hero Atomos is:

Yeah enemies with low mana will be hit for less or about the same damage as Kadilen. Only if they’re closer to full mana, will Atomos hit harder.


What if both teams have Ratatoskr and they both fire when the board is similar? The green tiles will have the buff/debuff overwritten by whatever is cast last or they will both apply (+7% for the attacker?)


Good discussion; thanks, all, for clarifying. Seems like the squirrel is a kindred spirit to Ameonna (no pun intended), as this is similar to how her special is. If you used all your purple tiles to charge her, often there are only a few left when you take advantage of her special. But if there are plenty left on the board afterward, somebody’s gonna have a bad day. FWIW, although they can be a little frustrating, I also like heroes like this that require a bit of thought to use rather than the “ready, aim, fire, win” type characters.


Too much to test all at once, too much if we consider that (once again) Hero Academy is put on freeze.

That’s not a real testing. That’s a huge advertising banner on season 3.
Nothing else.

A real testing is not like this, and they know it.

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Thanks @zephyr1! Like many, I have been very interested to see this sneak peak. Your work is incredible.

New Effects

Kvasir’s minion prevention is fascinating. I couldn’t help but wonder if SGG is trying to kind of test it on a 3 star before adding it to any hero that’ll greatly impact the upper raid arena.

Ratatoskr seems crazy. I hope I get to experiment with that. It seems very useful for titans, offense, and defense.


  1. How is Ratatoskr’s effect displayed? Is it a buff for him / all nature allies? Can it be removed in any way, or only overwritten by a Ratatoskr on the other team?

2a) I’m confused by the HP addition / reduction. For Heimdall, let’s say an ally had 800 HP of an initial pool of 1,600. Are they now at 800 of 2,100 or are they at 1,300 of 2,100 (the latter meaning Heimdall also heals for 500 HP).

2b) Does Fura kill enemies who have below 200 HP when she casts?

  1. What affects Stonecleave when they are in Dire Ghost form? Is it like Ameonna, meaning nothing? Or, since they can take damage, can they also be healed, buffed, etc. What about status ailments? Only if they are incoming from a holy caster or not at all?

  2. By-Ulf: let’s say they charge during the 4 turn duration of their special and cast again - does that put off the 4 turns of negative status ailments? Once they get into the 4 turn ailments, am I correct in thinking those can be cleansed as usual? I see the latter part was answered by Dave Cozy earlier in the thread - yes, it can be cleansed.

Other Thoughts

I’m glad that four star heroes are being added. I still think their omission to the new event heroes was a glaring error.

I disagree with those that find revival misplaced in the nature element. I have always thought of it more as renewal, which is very apposite to nature. It’s not necromacy, especially as we are now seeing that from Marie-Therese and it is very different than revival.

Dave Cozy already gave some preliminary thoughts on this, but as the beta testers get more experience with these there is one thing I want to know above all others: what is your impression of these heroes, as a group, in terms of power creep?


Fully agree with the Hero Academy on freeze part. It’s one of the most requested features and many (including me) want to know how it is going to work and whether it’s worth keeping that 100+ duplicates of 4* and 5* heroes + buying even more roster space.

I don’t think, however, that the number of heroes tested is the problem but rather that yet another feature might be released before HA and it gets postponed again. In other words, even if they tested only two or three heroes, it would be likely that they have decided to postpone HA once again.

Like you, I really hope that we will see HA as soon as possible in Beta. Apart from that, I’m very content with the new heroes and looking forward to eventually getting new map levels to discover.


The buff (on offense) doesn’t apply to the heroes, it applies to the current green tiles on the board.

It can’t be dispelled nor removed, unless it’s by an enemy Ratatoskr (which overwrites the buff on the green tiles with a debuff).

Do note that this buff / debuff only applies for current green tiles on the board. New ones that come with following matches don’t get the buff / debuff.

In this case, they’d be at 1300 / 1600 HP. Temporary HP isn’t added unless the hero is overhealed (i.e. heals beyond their max HP).

The HP Boost is very similar to Armor from Puzzle Combat (SG’s other game that hasn’t launched worldwide yet).

Puzzle Combat screenshot to help explain temporary HP

See the grey bar over my heroes? That’s called Armor. Basically an extension of HP, like minions, but they don’t do anything else.

That is basically what Heimdall’s temporary HP is; same exact concept.

If at max HP of 1600, then the hero would be at 2100 after the HP boost.

Worth noting too, that just like armor from PC, this additional temporary HP can not be healed. Even though the max allowed Boost is 1600 HP x 2 = 3200 HP, you can’t use healing skills from heroes like Red Hood or Alberich to heal more boosted HP (just like you can’t heal minions).

Only Heimdall can further boost HP.

This is very hard to test, because she hits before decreasing HP, and realistically I would have to fire her skill multiple times on enemies without quite killing them :confused: I’ll do my best to try and find an answer to this

Nvm, can’t go below 30% of mac HP


I would point out a few things:

  1. We are comparing a S2 hero to a S1 because in power he is nowhere near the other S2s.
  2. On paper Atomos is medicore, in practice he is much worse. He will almost never deal his full dmg because all the enemy heroes will never have their specials charged at the same time. And when they do you are as good as dead so you dont want that to happen. So basically that mana condition means that his max dmg is just a number on his card and he will never deal nearly that amount. He deals regurarly as much as Kadilen.
  3. Kadilen has a useful support ability for the team, Atomos does not. Yeah he can revive himself, but why is it good if he cannot do anything useful for the team?
    So basically Atomos is a new S2 hero who can only be compared to a S1 (not even A grade), deals the same dmg as kadilen but on slow speed and without any team synergy or support ability.

I was a little disappointed with Tyr. He looks like a fast mana Leonidas, but causes less damage. They could increase their damage to 365% as Leonidas or decrease to 270% ~ 250% and hit three Drake-style enemies.

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When on wing or flank, Tyr’s very annoying to kill – so increasing his direct damage would make him difficult to kill AND difficult to take his damage. It may be too much.

I like the way he is personally – he excels at surviving, and sometimes those extra turns he buys are all you need to win a raid :slight_smile: I don’t mind using him just as my last-chance card, with my other cards being where my damage comes from.


I understand your point of view. His durability is his expertise. Damage is a side or side effect. Thanks for the feedbacks from the heroes.

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The minion heal basically makes them a yellow 3* fast mana speed healer.

The bee poison is fast, and bypasses defense stat, one of the big complaints about minion direct damage. Especially as the enemy mobs, bosses, or heroes get killed. The fast mana speed heal with fast duration poison against less and less enemies gets crazy strong.


And is basically permanent unless the enemy kills off all the bees.


I personally never had any problem killing him. And he is not even in my green 3stack team, i use an unemblemed elkanen instead of my +9 Atomos. He lacks dmg and team synergy. You can like him, i like his arrwork and special animation. The concept is interesting, but the execution is simply very poor. And now with Tyr he wont be unique anymore so he is just a slow hero who can do 2-300 dmg with his special to each hero. Even quintus can do better, same speed and much more dmg, not dependant on enemy mana. And quintus is a C grade S1 hero. So Atomos needs some serious buff. Speed buff or some team synergy abilities.


@Mr.Sabaton I’m talking about Tyr in that post, not Atomos

Idk about Atomos… never find him in raids myself :stuck_out_tongue: I do agree that he needs a buff – my reply to you with that chart, was highlighting how bad he is :grin:


Sorry so i misunderstood you. I wrote about Atomos because he has the same self revive effect Tyr has. But Tyr is simply better in every aspect. Better speed, better dmg output, secondary ability.

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