🧪 Early Information on ROUND 2 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v37]

So would JF buff not work against Morel?

Why it should not work ?

Morel’s special skill is about that if an opponent receive this uncleansable defense down, then it can not be removed.
If JF fires his special skill, then the opponent team does not receives this defense down, and they get additional defense instead of it.
If you fire Malosi’s special skill on Morel and his debuff is still active when Morel fires, then Morel will not give this defense down to your team.

I have checked these in Beta,and they are working like I have written above.


It would work.

Reversing I was referring to turning the debuff to a buff via say Kiril.

As Captain Nemo is not included in the list, can we suppose that he will be the next new hero added this month ? I guess there will be 3 featured heroes, so Nemo + 2 others from the previous batch (maybe Lidenbrock, Lepiota and/or Akkorog) ?

Yarthan, Captain Nemo is stupidly strong for a sniper. His attack stat would be around the same ballpark as Costune Elena’s attack of 975. Imagine that attack, dealing 600% damage. Nemo would take the crown from Costume Thorne as the best sniper in the game

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Actually forgot to add him to the OP.

I’ll do so later.

To answer your question, you can assume what pleases you :slight_smile: there’s not been any indication about who will be featured or even if there will be new heroes added monthly (ala S3) or if it will only be in batches (ala S2).


I see that I’m not the only one that Morel is OP.

I agree with @AnRui and @sonny.plankton suggestions.

Or she could deal less damage, like Vela or Crystalis (130 -150 %).

Morel is technically superior to Finley. Unconditionally downs all enemy defenses and cannot be dispelled.
If Morel is released with the same capabilities as the beta, all big consumers will switch from Finley to Morel.


So JF will be an absolute must against this mushroom person. Vanda, Grazul etc should be able to prevent the def down taking effect. Malosi will stop the effect at source. Bai Yeong, Drake, Joon & co may make it miss. Gazelle removes the undispellable so that’s another possibility. There are quite a few potential counters, though not necessarily easy ones to get.

Morel is so ridiculous, so so so ridiculous that it almost becomes insulting.
I also hate the idea of fast heroes starting with 20% mana. Just make them fire as soon as the battle begins at this point. Apart from that, i like Hannah and the whole fiend concept.


image :speech_balloon: Am I a joke to you Zynga? first, I get a costume. Now, an overpowered version of myself who is already overpowered. Am I not doing enough money from you? Isn’t maybe because most of other pirates are trash?

image :speech_balloon: What does FAST mana means?.. …

image :speech_balloon: was not I too strong?

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image image :speech_balloon: Still trash


Mitsy avatar :speech_balloon: Bwahaha I’ll still make you commit seppuku! 75% of the time anyway


image :speech_balloon: luckily, the moment I stopped giving money to zynga they destroyed me. now I can’t even kill myself.

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image :speech_balloon: that´s off-topic. Shut up before they release Morel as very fast mana and extra +5% damage and -10% defense per blue tile in the board.


Said already enough times, but if SGG leaves Morel as they are, as owner of Vela I will be thoroughly pissed off. They nerfed her 3 times, last time reducing her attack debuff to measly -24%, yet they are not shy having someone hitting for 220% at fast speed (Ursena at average hits for 260% and it’s conditional). If that happens I demand to restore Vela to her former glory then.


Won’t happen. They want us all to spend more money. Not save money.

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WTH is this?! This hero literally does more damage than Isarnia and is FAST speed…how does this make any sense? And uncleansable defense down too.


Not literally, isarina base attack is 797 and she deals 235% and 44% def down. but i do think morel is OP, even for todays standarts

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Isarnia: 797 * 2.35 = 1872.95

Morel first cast: 772 * 2.50 = 1930
plus undispellable defense down


yeah, i didnt count the 30% aditional for the first time

Has there been any hints on who will be the next to be released?

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