🧪 Early Information on New War Rules [Part of The Beta Beat V32 & V33]

You had rush attack? Strange. We had minions.

Is each alliance on a different rotation or something?

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i had minin too last time. I belive there will be minion again tomorrow 2 war in a row with same rule i guess. Adding new rules maybe change the order but i think that the rule still stay for 2 wars before change.


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Be interested to know who was in your team. I’m planning on having two Alfrikes in the line up next rush war.

Honestly, I can’t remember now without seeing the whole team. I think Alfrike was in the wing position, which is what helped me survive, because I’d knocked out one or two opponents already. I don’t think I could have survived an Alfrike tank going off 4 times. My guess is my team was Heimdall-Horghall-Tarlak-Frida-Ariel. Or it was some combination of Sif-Black Knight-Ariel-Heimdall, depending on the tank color. I usually run 3-2 stacks.

I think it’s safe to say you’ll have an A rating next Rush Attack. Where are you planning on putting the Alfrikes? Both flanks?

I read in one of the earlier beta beat versions about the elemental charge wars, and had a couple questions. First and most importantly, is this still happening in beta and is there still a chance it makes it to the normal game? And second, was this it’s own war type or was it added on top of the war? ie a rush war with a holy elemental charge.

Welcome to the forum, It maybe in the future it will be brought into game play. But when I read the feed back from beta testers, it wasn’t a great success seemed to favour offence then defence on alot of comments.
Soo maybe they canned the whole idea of it and it will never bee heard of again. :wink::+1:

Also they was separate wars this is the war routine going forward.


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