Alliance War Buff Rotation

Hi Gamers, is there a set rotation for the Alliance War Buffs? Field Aid, Att Boost, Arrow Barrage? I believe I recall reading somewhere they are in a specific order, but I can’t find it via search. May have been a player who had tracked it.
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War Rule Rotation is:

2x Attack Boost
2x Arrow Barrage
2x Field Aid

Or in list format:

  1. Attack Boost
  2. Attack Boost
  3. Arrow Barrage
  4. Arrow Barrage
  5. Field Aid
  6. Field Aid

Thank you for the information.

I’m not sure how else to word it - what is the war aid schedule? Like arrow barrage, etc. How do I know which is coming up and how often they change?

Hiya @Bogg; see above.

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So with the new types of war aid, does anyone know what the New War Order is?

Try this thread:

But no, not yet we don’t.

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