New War Rule -- ✨ War Equalizer

That’s called raids.

29 war types.


Morgan is practically useless in this mode

Agreed, war always gives you the chance to innovate and come out with different strategies against different teams, equaliser just strips any shred of strategy away.

And Proteus goes by the wayside. :woozy_face:

I personally hate this war rule. I like variation of war rules, but I just hate this one. All I got to say :laughing:.

Freaking hated war equaliser, it’s the most bs of the war rules. It is way too fast, like 2.5 turns before it kicks in, how can you time any strategy within that small window of time. Equalise my ■■■…it’s pitted against the attacker


I beg to differ. It requires some getting used to and the usual “best” heroes might not actually be the best with this rule. But as the attacker you get to control timing much more than the computer. Here’s an example where it helped me to win a losing battle:


It procs the damage, I tried it today.

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And here I go again, having an opinion that goes against the majority.

I don’t totally hate it. Now that I know how it works, I know I can’t depend on heroes that do X over Y number of turns. Essentially you have to depend mostly on tiles and direct damage, forget about buffs, DoT and HoT.

Pro-tip: take Rigard’s costume off for this one. Take that single heal instead.

As for penalizing the attacker: well, that depends. If your attacks depend heavily on buffs, then yes, you’re going to suffer. But… flip side of that… it can also render a lot of your opponents’ defenses useless. Riposte? Just wait for it to clear. They hit you with a DoT attack? No need to bring a cleanser, it will cleanse itself.

I took full advantage of the rule to target opponents that were heavy on “X over Y turns” kind of buffs / heals / attacks. Knowing full well that they were only going to be able to operate at maybe half of their intended effectiveness.

Direct damage, tile damage, direct heals, and most of all - patience - are king in these wars.

EDIT: I think the reason a lot of people hated these wars is because it largely neuters a lot of the stronger heroes in the game.


Here’s my problem with equaliser. It actually turns really luck based because of how timing heavy it becomes. Many times I counted, equaliser kicks in when the enemy fires a special, and it’s always when I have my buffs to counter it. This is such a nonsensical handicap.
A lower tp like 3800+ will have a much lower chance in taking down a 4300+ team (I’ve tried it before, it’s winnable). A 3800 team requires buffs of itself to work, to be as ‘equal’ as that team. Especially during late game when your available heroes for war is limited, you use what you have. But with equaliser you can’t because they strip the buffs away prematurely and your heroes can’t tank anything. it’s like sending your troops to the field knowing they’ll be butchered
Unless you have 30 available 5*s, equaliser does jackshit in being equal. It is the opposite, biased and unfair

The reason why I hate it, is cause my best two 4 reds + cleric rigard teams just become worst teams. I don’t have 3 snipers per 6 war attacks avalaible and for example my Aegir/Aeron become almost totally useless.

Also if you are wondering I’m in top 100 alliance so yeah a minority of players. Our opponents and also we were ready and all had heavy hitters/snipers in their/our defenses so I can’t really choose a weak defense with just DoT heroes/buffers. My def also performs better as I have 3 snipers in my def. It’s logical.

This war favors heavy AoE hitters, snipers and healers like cleric Rigard / Boldtusk / Kashhrek or 5* like Heimdall in both offense and defense.

I’m certainly not going to claim that luck doesn’t play a role… I think luck plays a role in every aspect of this game.

But I was able to one shot a 4600 defense team with a 3900 attack team in this past war… yes, was a nice board, but only a little bit above average - certainly no where near the best board I’ve ever gotten.

Compared to previous wars with minions (which also don’t really bother me)… bad boards completely wrecked me in those.

I guess the reason equalizer doesn’t bother me is because I am used to going against much bigger teams that will completely slaughter my whole team if I’m not able to make at least one decent tile match in the first 2 or 3 turns. I don’t rely on buffs to keep me alive, because if I start out with terrible boards, I’m usually dead before I can even charge a single skill anyway.

Equalizer I kind of like, because it bought me some time… usually at least one extra turn, because the enemy attacks that would normally have killed my entire team by turn 5, wore off before I was dead. Which meant I had a couple extra turns to try to find some good tiles and actually use my specials.

Of course, I had to forget about stuff like defense buffs saving my ■■■, but as long as I was able to take out the most dangerous baddies quickly and then hide from the rest until I got better tiles on the board, it wasn’t that bad overall. What I liked the most is that the opponents that usually kill my entire team slowly were not able to do so, as their DoT hits wore off before my team was completely dead. Giving me that one extra turn I needed to charge my healer and keep my team alive for another 3+ turns.


Here’s what I think would flip the field in the attacker’s favor rather than the defender, which I prefer: Make status effects go away after the defender’s turn, not after the attacker’s turn.

Every 3 turns, we have a moment where we can’t use status effects to respond to an incoming special skill. Suppose a defending Sartana and the War Equalizer effect are both fully charged & ready to go off. Normally, what could we do? Counterattack. Hansel. Bai Yeong. Grazul. Defense Up/Attack Down. But it all gets nullified after we cast it and before Sartana fires, so there’s nothing we can do aside from outright killing Sartana or delaying her with a mana cut (and mana cutters aren’t usually worth using).

If the equalizer triggered after the defender’s turn, we could still prepare a response to such things. If that were the case, I’d find this war much more pleasant.

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Why do you think that’s needed? All the original war effects were in favor of the defense only for a reason— because the attacker has FAR more advantages. You get to pick your team, You get stacking. You get to aim.

Equalizer penalizes both sides; you can force the defense to use their specials at the wrong time, while you can hold for immediately after it goes off.

Not my best war type, but I can at least adapt and try to use appropriate heroes… which aren’t necessarily my strongest, but they are the best for the the type.

That is exactly why I love it! Forces me to try new combos…found s couple of heroes that shine in this format.


You may have a wide arsenal, not everyone have similar. This war rule only benefits very old players and Whales…

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Or players that have levelled what they have rather than waiting for the best, or smart players that consider carefully how to put a team together.

The players it won’t suit are the ones relying solely on buffs and status ailments to put a team together.


I hate this rule, i have much worse scores than in others.
If you have a deep enough roster those might be fine, but equalizer makes my attacking teams useless. Every. damn. time.

It should be tweaked to cleanse after EVERY turn, then it would be fair. Timing favors the defense because it cleanses attacking team buffs and allows the defender to put their for two/three turns (can’t remember when it hits exactly) while you have nothing. Frustrating af.

There are possibilities for so many rules to be created (or maybe just none, why there can’t be just a clean war without all them rules??) but they came up with this BS, jesus christ


My baldur is fully emblemed and my only 5 star red. I noticed he’s still strong in my war defense for war equalizer rule. Am I missing something?

His special will be wiped every 3 turns regardless of his hp and you will need to fire it again the start it up again as both the mana steal protection and random punch are buffs.

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