🧪 Early Information on New Starfall Circus Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v38]

With the attack debuff of 60%, bobo will let your Nordri take a shot from a 14*.

From another thread:


Logic and reasoning aren’t allowed! What on Earth were thinking coming here to put forward a rationale counter position!


Seriously though that’s one of the great issues at the minute. People read a card and scream “OP OP!” Without actually playing with them or against them.

I’m still waiting on my Elizabeth to be as OP and broken as I’ve been told she is. I must have just gotten the decent with a unique but not ridiculous special version of Elizabeth…maybe I just log a bug or something :laughing::laughing::laughing:


So back to back months with challenge events that reflect yellow? And because they didn’t finish testing this event in time but can’t hold off shoving new heroes down our throats until the next time yellow reflect would come up in rotation, they’re already ditching the concept of the new events alternating with the old events of the same color? SHOCKING :unamused:

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Corellia and villains came back to back though, and they both reflect dark

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Annndddd per the V38 Release Notes these are now coming to game:


Of course they couldnt leave the Epic rates where they were. Stingy as always.

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Exactly. Remember the outrage of Fenir?

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Because you desperately wanted a season 1 4 star hero?

You are reading it wrong. You have a lower chance of getting a 4 star trainer hero, and a higher chance of getting a season 1 4 star hero.


what was the outrage of fenrir about?

Can you refresh our memories? All I remember is the debate on whether Telleria was OP at this time last year

Hello?!! I have to re-read this few times to understand this nonsense.

Cmon man!!!
1% for just Trainer Heroes??! And it’s Epic one (4 stars)

We don’t need to get 10 Vanilla Heroes when we did 10 pulls!!

If you write “Trainer Heroes” as you mean “the Trainer to lvl up Heroes”
You better put that one percent more to Legendary Event Heroes. I am happier to be able to have more chance to get Event Heroes rather than Vanilla and now with “Trainer” Heroes. That messed up the chance.

That’s pathetic to know


Emilio should be awesome. You can time the GM burn to decide to trigger on the last turn so the opponent keep burning. Or you can use it immediately to get heal and avoid status illments (like red ninja). Very useful in wars. Timing is everything.

This is because some of member (specially new player) complaints, that they still prefer 4* classic heroes instead of 4* Trainer.

And yet they make that as an excuse. Yet there’s still more than 5 different Portals each month to get Classic Heroes. :sweat_smile::joy:

And 2 times a year for this.
Conclusion : Want to get Event Heroes even for Rare and Epic? Burn more :money_mouth_face::moneybag:


Sorry, hold on while I (a player like yourself) wave my magic wand to fix it…

*waves wand*

There; better?

Seriously tho, I’m just a player. Have the same amount of input & sway of game designers / decision making as you do.


1% for trainer heroes…what is this joke of an update? You might as well don’t put trainer heroes in the portal to begin with. Are you kidding me, a feeder whose purpose is to be fed away eventually is just as rare as premium heroes. Great, pander to the naysayers. I hope all people who complained about trainer heroes got all 10 epic trainers in their 10 pulls. That would be ■■■■■■■ hilarious

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There is a magical portal that already exists out there called the costumes portal. If they want pull the classics, pull from there. Settle for more, don’t settle for less


I think when Fenrir was in beta a lot of people were rioting and saying he was OP. He indeed sounds like too much when you first read it but once in live game he turned into one of the worst s4 legendaries.

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