🧪 Early Information on New "Starfall Circus" Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V38]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the new “Starfall Circus” Challenge Event

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

New Starfall Circus Heroes

A new challenge event = new heroes…

For more information on see here: 🧪 Early Information on New Starfall Circus Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v38]

:circus_tent: :superhero: Circus Heroes in Challenge Event

As with the League of Villains heroes, the Starfall heroes have a bonus when they are used in the Starfall Circus challenge event.


  • Heroes of the Starfall family bypass the Elemental Barriers, and have increased attack, defense, and health (+20%) in this Challenge Event’s stages

Some Notes:

  • This bonus ONLY applies to Starfall Family Heroes IN the Starfall Event.
  • It is NOT limited to Unique heroes only… Any and all Starfall heroes gain the bonus stat boost.

:dizzy: Special Gameplay

A new feature added to Starfall Circus is that, the “Stars Fall every 5 turns”

The Stars Falling triggers 3 actions:

  1. Starfall deals {x} damage to all Heroes
  2. Changes the element of all heroes to the element they are strong against (lasts for 5 turns)
  3. Interferes with 2 of your Battle Items. The interference prevents the use of a Battle Item for 3 turns.

Some notes:

  • Starfall damage is 100 for Rare, 150 for Epic and 200 for Legendary

  • Element Change makes use of Guardian Chameleons Ailment. It is NOT cleansable & does not have a duration… So it essentially will cycle your heroes thru each colour every 5 turns…

    • Red heroes → Green → Blue → Red (changes every 5 turns).
  • Battle Item interference is random. So there is the chance that the same item/s will be interfered with on 2 consecutive Starfalls.

Some Bugs:

  • Currently every time you do Stage 1, it has 3 pop-ups explaining each of the 3 effects… And the clock keeps running in the background… Has been reported for fixing
  • Starfall triggers twice if you use special skills to clear a stage right after the starfall has occurred. Reported for fixing.

:game_die: Summoning Odds

As with all other challenge events, the Starfall Circus comes with it’s own Summon Portal. See below for information regarding the appearance rates.

Rare Classic Hero: 53.1%
Epic Classic Hero: 19.8%
Legendary Classic Hero: 1.5%

Rare Trainer Hero: 10.0%
Epic Trainer Hero: 1.0%

Rare Event Hero: 7.9%
Epic Event Hero: 5.7%
Legendary Event Hero 1.0%

Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

Yes, you saw that right. Trainer Heroes are in this portal also (same as in Legaue of Villains). The odds tho are different from LoV portal. There is STILL NO CHANGE to the event hero odds from any of the otehr Challenge Event Heroes.

The 11% odds needed for the Trainer Heroes has come from Rare Classic & Epic Classic Heroes

Discussions here: Trainer Heroes in Event Portals -- Thoughts and Discussions

Table Below compares Starfall odds to other event portal odds:

Hero Class Starfall League of Villains Classic Challenge Events
e.g. Guardians
Rare Classic 53.1% 58.1% 63.1%
Epic Classic 19.8% 15.8% 20.8%
Legendary Classic 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
Rare Trainer 10% 5% -
Epic Trainer 1% 5% -
Rare Event 7.9% 7.9% 7.9%
Epic Event 5.7% 5.7% 5.7%
Legendary Event 1.0% 1.0% 1.0%
HotM Bonus 1.3% 1.3% 1.3%

:moneybag: Challenge Coins

The “Starfall Circus” makes use of the existing Challenge Event Coins currancy for summoning. It also features the Suspicious Chest’s as a rare & random monster which drops 1x Challenge Coin as bonus loot.


The premise of Suspicious Chests appears to be similar to the concept of Orichalcum Seadragons appearing at random during Atlantis Rises and dropping Atlantis Coins, which can then be used for Summons. One difference is that in initial testing, it appears that Suspicious Chests only drop a single Challenge Coin — but you only need 10 of them for a Summon, not 100.

:zap: Event Info – Stages, Bosses, and WE Costs

Duration Reflect Colour Stages
5 days Yellow 10 per difficulty

Note: Info is beta so may change…

The Starfall Circus follows the the usual set-up for Challenge Events with 3 difficulty tiers (Rare, Epic & Legendary); It is however, Like LoV, using the old format of only 10 Stages for each tier.

Stage # World Energy
( R/E/L)
Waves Monsters Boss
1 2 / 3 / 4 3 Yellow & Purple Whacker (G) & 2 Yellow Mobs
2 2 / 3 / 4 3 Yellow & Blue Candy (Y) & Eichelborg (R)
3 3 / 4 / 5 3 Yellow & Purple Marcel (G) & D’andre (Y)
4 3 / 4 / 5 3 Yellow & Blue Theobald (B) & Eiloria (G)
5 4 / 5 / 6 3 Yellow & Purple Faline (Y), Director Zuri (Y) & Bobo (B)
6 4 / 5 / 6 3 Yellow & Blue Whacker (G), Emilio (R), Eichelborg (R)
7 5 / 6 / 7 3 Yellow & Purple Emilio (R), Theobald (B), Marcel (G)
8 5 / 6 / 7 3 Yellow & Blue Eiora (G), Bobo (B), Emilio (R)
9 6 / 7 / 8 3 Yellow Bobo (B), Faline (Y), Eiora (G)
10 6 / 7 / 8 3 Yellow & Blue Theobald (B), Director Zuri (Y), Faline (Y)

:money_mouth_face: Rewards

Starfall Circus shares the same rewards system as Guardians of Teltoc. The differences are the avatars & Hero rewards for the top rankings. Everything else is the same.

Avatar Rewards:

  • Rare
    • First Place (#1) = Candy
  • Epic
    • First Place (#1) = Marcello & D’Andre
    • Top 10 (#2-10) = D’Andre
  • Legendary
    • First Place (#1) = Theobald Eiora, Bobo, Director Zuri
    • Top 10 (#2-10) = Theobald Eiora & Bobo
    • Top 100 (#11-100) = Theobald Eiora

Hero Rewards

  • Rare First Place = Eichelborg
  • Epic First Place = Theobald
  • Legendary First Place = Emilio

Click for Guardians of Teltoc Rewards

Credit @Cap & @Mariamne

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The starfall event every 5 rounds seems a bit… strong. Half the damage seems more reasonable, particularly with all the other effects.


I like the sound of the star fall effect will provide an extra challenge/ something to consider.

I probably missed it being half asleep but do we know if this is 10 rounds like Villians or the normal 15?

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In the current beta round, this Starfall event is 10 stages per difficulty.


Any ideas if this challenge event will be introduced in May instead of Guardians? I have been saving coins for Panther for some time.


I fully expect Guardians to come in May. The circus will likely take more time.


wow that’s terrific. Hope they nerf that thing. Too much. We want to finish it. Let others that want to compete do it but not make it not playable for the smaller accounts.


and what the heck is that lol THAT too had to be decreased? Cmon

Anyway, thanks a lot for the early quickview. I suppose we can expect this thing next month. Hope they make it more enjoyable by the time it goes live.

I just did some checking–The League of Villains was introduced in beta about 2 months before release. I’d expect a similar window for the Starfall Circus. If it’s exactly the same amount of time, then this would arrive in June.


Would love to see the starfall damage increase with each replay of a level….


Okey… so how am I supossed to finish the stage if they change my element to one that is reflected :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


Sounds like I’ve picked a fairly good time to finally work on Guardian Chameleon.

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Wait 5 turns to change back…?

This event reflects yellow so either don’t take purples or just wait 5 turns to be swapped back haha


I plan not to take any yellow and purple hero at all. That way I will not have to do any strategizing and timing. I don’t like to think lol


Hmmm that help a lot so I won’t get purple or yellow… that way this could be funny :joy: green red blue green red blue… my brain will hurt to match right tiles :rofl:

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I really hope so, I’ve been saving summon coins for months only to try and get Gazelle or Panther! It would be a major let down not to be able to even try summoning.

Family Bonus
The family bonus is interesting. I hate that it’s limited to just one event every 10 months. I’m not saying I want it to apply to all events, but I want them to get an extra bonus that is usable more often.
As it’s written right now (and with the other Starfall rules), I wonder if we’ll see teams of 5 Whackers in rare. 554 attack with a 20% bonus and then dealing 315% special damage will take out enemies quickly.

Special Gameplay
Special gameplay adds an interesting dimension! Top teams can probably still make it without a healer, but we’ll need a healer to deal with the damage each turn. Lack of battle items definitely hinders some normal strategies. Then changing the element basically makes yellow/purple useless in these events (not that they get used too often in other events). Does this mean I won’t rely on Nordri/Falcon/Frida as I do now?

What I think will end up happening is that good scores will become more random. It won’t just be about having a good starting board, making one move for a nice cascade, and maybe getting a chest in there. Now if you take more than 5 turns, you’ll lose score for health, you won’t be able to use mana/axes/arrows to kill quickly, and your elemental defense down matters less.
Seems like if anything this will lead to requiring my replaying of each level to get the same score you’d get otherwise. The time I get a blue diamond when all of my heroes are blue it will work out perfectly. But that should only happen ~1/3 of the time now. So we’ll need some extra planning/tracking as we go so we know when each diamond is of use.

I like the update to summoning odds! At first I thought it was bad because I noticed a lower chance of getting an Epic Trainer. Then I realized the big change is a smaller chance of rare classic heroes. I’ll count this as another example of SG listening to player feedback and making a good change. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of posts when the event comes out about how it’s wrong.

I see the duration is listed as 5 days. I always enjoy having an event available than not. This could change the amount of time players have to replay stages.

Newer and less good players
The new special rules will cause some difficulties for the newer and less good players. We already see posts about players who can’t finish events. Extra damage to your heroes, lack of battle items, and changing elements will all make finishing harder.
Common strategies such as carpet bombing will become harder. The “just use Proteus” strategy will be harder with yellow reflect.
I think older/better players may enjoy the challenge, but I don’t think newer/worse players will.

Theobald and Bobo will be the hardest bosses. Bobo will turn your attack up into an attack down and you may not be able to use battle items to mana up your cleanser/buffer. Theobald will negate Nature specials. Since yellow/purple are out due to reflect, now you have to worry about Theobald firing at the same time your team is turned green.

This will be a complex and fun event. I expect to see plenty of posts about how bad all of these changes are. Bug section of the forum will have plenty of new posts.


How long has this been in beta?

Starfall Circus Event and heroes were first seen in this most recent beta that opened on April 14th.


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