Trainer Heroes in Event Portals -- Thoughts and Discussions

New to the game is the addition of Trainer heroes to the League of Villains & Starfall Circus Summon Portals.

Taking odds from both the Classic 3* and 4* hero odds, you can now summon 3* and 4* trainer heroes at 10% and 1% (respectively) odds.

There is NO impact on the odds of summoning Event heroes.

:game_die: Odds Compared

Table below compares the summon odds of OG Challenge Events (e.g. Pirates or Guardians) to the first iteration of Trainer Hero odds (i.e. in League of Villains in Feb 2021) to the current odds introduced in V38 Update for Starfall Circus:

Hero Class Starfall League of Villains Classic Challenge Events
e.g. Guardians
Rare Classic 53.1% 58.1% 63.1%
Epic Classic 19.8% 15.8% 20.8%
Legendary Classic 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
Rare Trainer 10% 5% -
Epic Trainer 1% 5% -
Rare Event 7.9% 7.9% 7.9%
Epic Event 5.7% 5.7% 5.7%
Legendary Event 1.0% 1.0% 1.0%
HotM Bonus 1.3% 1.3% 1.3%

Click for original "Trainer Hero" odds introduced in League of Villains

League of Villains Portal Odds:

Click for odds on other Challenge Events

Other Challenge Event Odds

:speaking_head: Share your thoughts

Do you Love it or Hate it?

NOTE (again) there is NO CHANGE to the odds of Event Heroes… Just swapping a Season 1 3 or 4* hero for a trainer hero instead,

  • I Love the inclusion
  • I am indifferent to the change
  • I Hate the inclusion
  • I don’t know yet

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i’m sure i’m not the first nor will i be the last but want to know why sg thinks i would want to pay gems for trainer heroes it’s litterally been a whole year since i got a hotm saved for first 10 pull in a while to get a trainer hero in the mix cut the crap sg drop the s1 3 srars and trainers in special events but for now give me back my gems damn


I too just received a 3 star trainer hero as part of a 10 pull. When did this become a thing?

I am not complaining. Just curious.

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This is a grace to the older players + whales who are tired of getting S1 three-star heroes which they mostly use as feeders for 4* and 5* heroes. After all, a 3* trainer gives more xp than a regular 3* when consumed.

That being said, however, this is a huge blow to newer players + discourages them to spend on the challenge portal because what newer players want is a bigger roster of 3* and 4* s.

SG, whales and older players seem to forget that this game needs new players as well as experienced ones if it hopes to survive in the long run, else there will be only the whales left to battle between themselves and the game will eventually slowly die away.

Edit: With all that being said, there IS a way to make it ok for everyone - just give everyone the option to choose: when they pull a S1 3* or 4*, to have the option to replace it with a trainer instead.


i get that been playing a long time but when your still dropping s1 heroes you cant call it a substitution it’s just watering down the hero pool we’re already dealing with rng but again jyst my opinion


For me personally I like the change.

There are two arguments to this:

  1. new players need the odds to get heroes

  2. older / more advanced players don’t want more copies of Classic 3&4* heroes… So they feed them.

I fall very much into Perspective 2. I don’t need or want more classic 3&4* heroes so any I get will be fodder for other heroes. Getting the odd trainer hero instead of a classic 3/4* is a nice bump in the exp gained for a hero I would be feeding anyways…

I personally don’t agree with Perspective 1; I get that there are people with perspective 1, I just don’t agree with it for a couple reasons:

  • There are HEAPS of ways for people to acquire classic 3&4* heroes including literally every summons portal and the Training Camp.

  • Odds are still overwhelmingly to get classic heroes… the trainer heroes are definitely in the minority of summon outcomes

  • The “need” period where CLASSIC 3&4* heroes are desirable is rather a short window in the scheme of things.


I absolutely despise it. Nothing less. And I am normally a very positive person. But what IS this? What kind of thinking could possibly have lead up to such a decision?

Give us a choice, if you must.

So there are some in the game, who prefers getting a trainer hero instead of an actual hero. Fine. But I imagine we are still a large amount of players who want to get an actual hero.

I am very hesitant to use any kind of resources, gems or coins, on this kind of portal.

Give us a choice. There is no need for a psychology degree to be aware of the fact, that players thrive more, if they have a choice.

So Dawa pops out. Alright. You may be someone who has 100 maxed 5 * s and just want food for them. You can pick a 3 * trainer hero then. The rest of us, who still want to get an actual hero, can choose that.

Gosh. I apologise for the rant. But this is just plain dumb to me. I would feel so discouraged spending 10 coins getting a trainer hero.

I sincerely hope that this will not be the standard Challenge Event portal from now on. (What happened to stage three in Rare, costing 1 World Energy too? Come on! Enhance the game.)

/rant over

Here, have a :unicorn: to brighten this post- I’ll be back to my usual cheerful self tomorrow! (Unless I get a trainer hero… :woman_facepalming: :rage:)


Agree with @Guvnor here. I just got a green and red 3* trainer from a 10 pull. So much more useful for me. Will think more about using saved gems only on portals where this is an option from here out.


For you - yes. For a new player - no. So it will be better from your perspective, but definitely not from everyone’s. Don’t forget that the newer players are probably more than the older ones.

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You bringed in trainer heroes…where are the increased chances to get something good ?

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This event combined 2.5 chance of 5*. Regular portal 1.5%

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No change made to legendary hero odds compared to other event portals, see op of this thread (your one got merged).

That text refers to increased compared to the normal Epic Hero portal which has 1.5% chance for 5* hero. This portal has 2.5% chance (1.5% classic, 1.0% event) for a 5* hero. Thus increased.


Yep for me (and many others) I always only comment about my opinion. Nobody summons hoping for 3/4 stars, run rare training camp for a while and you’ll be overwhelmed with them. Not interested in getting into an argument about it though. I think one thing you another, doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

The only way I could get behind this would be if they were added as free trainer extra bonus. If I want trainer heroes I buy one of the deals with them, there is at least one EVERY week. If you pull for heroes, you expect heroes. When SG does the numbers, and they see people buying less, don’t be surprised. The E&P community is getting tired of the constant money grab. If I pull a hero I want a hero NOT A TRAINER PERIOD!!!


My initial response to seeing trainer heroes in the summons was negative. I’m still working on getting a deeper bench of maxed 4 & 5 star heroes, and have a long way to go. The only time I level my 3 stars is feeding them dupes of themselves - all other fodder goes to my 4s & 5s.

Curious to know, would a trainer hero give more xp that feeding a 3* with itself? That might change my view…


After years of forum community asking SG to implement something like that, to stop including S1 rares everywhere etc, I was really surprised to see ANY negative feedback for this change.

Not sure where it is coming from - part of me thinks that people think adding heroes to the portal will dilute the odds of getting a decent hero even more. It would only make sense if chance of getting every hero were exactly the same, regardless of their rarity. That ain’t case for E&P. Each type of heroes have their specific chance of appearing. Trainers appearing did not lower the odds of getting any meaningful hero - those remain the same.

If you get a trainer out of this portal, before you start complaining, realize that without this change, it wouldn’t be a Toxicandra in its place - it would be Ishtak or Gunnar. I’d use them for exping someone else just as I use trainer - only get much less xp value out of it.

I get that for newer players every hero, even S1 is of value, but 1. That state lasts for maybe couple first months at most, I bet majority of players are past that. 2. There are still ways to get the heroes in many other ways, including the most available to free players which is golden tokens and training camps. 3. It is not completely replacing the odds, it is just 10%, 10% out of around 80% - 1 in 8 feeders replaced with trainers, not like half of them.

For me, and I assume many others, it’s 10% greater chance to get something little rewarding from pulling in portal, beside the marginal chances of getting a new or legendary hero. 10% chance to not be utterly disappointed with Dawas. I take that every day.


Probably the ones asking about the implementation were the older players to begin with. They all seem ok with the change though. But only they.

Disagree. There is a number of useful 3* and 4* especially with the costumes which one actually would want additional copies of. Example: Rigard for wars and tournaments like the Ninja Tower for example, where heroes are expendable.

Even lowly Isshtak is already useful with his costume, and that is easy to pull. So additional copies may be actually good for a new player. Speaking from my own perspective for example I pulled his costume pretty early and he’s great for 3* tournaments and challenge events as a great def debuffer.

Let’s discuss that a bit here with an example. I am almost 4 months in this game and I still need my 3*, plus there is always the possibility to upgrading the 3* bench so more copies of 3* are always welcomed - from ANY source. I presume all players did that for quite some time in the beginning of the game. Unless of course they poured tons of cash to begin with, but that’s a different story. 2. The Epic Hero tokens are almost always preserved, even by the new players in hopes of getting something more useful than a vanilla S1 when the time comes - meaning, the seasonal events. I myself am hoarding 6 of these, despite not having deep enough 3* bench as it is.

Or not to be blessed by Balthazars, Hawkmoons, Beliths or (at the 4th level) Rigards, Boldtusks or Kirils. I wouldn’t take that deal. Never ever.


For me its a joke. I would not welcome a trainer hero from hard earned challenge coins and gems as much as i would with dupe 3* and 4* classics. The daily grind that gives food, the tc2’s and tc11’s giving feeders provides the xp’s that these trainer heroes will provide.

Getting these trainer heroes have no difference from getting dupe 3* and 4* classics, both give disappointment to players who summoned and both do not provide improvement in my roster.


spend 300 diamonds and a trainer hero!.. no comment…


It is much better than Dawa

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