🧪 Early Information on New "Starfall Circus" Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V38]

Man…I don’t know if I can hold my gens that long. I have an itchy trigger finger

Any ETA on this event ? June, July? I think i read about summer somewhere.

It is under testing in Version 38 while Version 37 is not released yet.
So I would say June if we have 1 version release per month, but this is just a guess from me.

There is no official information about it.


From that sneak peek picture they look kind of nasty. They may be the next big thing but I’m not sure I want those leering at me every time I open the roster page. As if Buddy wasn’t bad enough.

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I feel like just because it reflects a color doesn’t make it completely worthless to bring that color. They still gain mana don’t they? So a defensive unit like Sif could still prove useful as long as you are careful with matches and keep her healed. Same with any other defensive color. At least, that’s how I imagine it.

agree… though one has to watch out for unexpected tile cascades in the reflected color! I learned that the hard way :slight_smile:

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Yeah, happened to me before as well, but so few and far between I kind of just treat it as a rare risk. On color reflect if you absolutely want to bring that color you can just use it for your healer or some other defensive support where the special doesn’t hit the enemy. And it’s not like every unit is color reflect…so.

This is a tier lower than ninja tower in terms of artificial difficulty.

Seems like it’s going to be fun, can’t wait :slight_smile:

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Would be good to get a definitive launch date for this one…

League of Villians were first tested in December and the first event is occured in February.

Based on the above as this is event is first tested in April I GUESS we will have it in June (exactly between 10 - 14) instead of Avalon, which will held 1 month later because of this.

I’ve been waiting for Avalon, I want to try my luck at Black Knight and maybe LotL. But I think I do like the heroes from this event more, especially since there’s more of them that I want.

June is going to be a tough month for me with the nice HOTM, Avalon, and Atlantis. I’ve been saving for June Atlantis because I want Seshat and Ursena, that’ll probably be the last pull I do for Atlantis (until those costumes come out of course :roll_eyes:)

Yea this new event looks very interesting. Definitely gonna take a different play style to complete.

I gave you the like back then but now I think it should be a little more precise. It should be for replay of a level already completed. As a lot of player have to try several times before being able to finish the upper levels.

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Beta Update – V38.2

  • Changed the avatar for legendary from Theobald to Eoria

  • Changed some wave bosses/ enemies
    (Haven’t updated this in OP yet, will try to get to it after AR finishes)


@Guvnor it’s Eiora, not Faline.

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Thanks, had it right in OP update just was looking at different card when typing down here.

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Any news yet in if this is a July or a June release?


I asked staff and the plan currently is for Starfall to be in June 2021.


I’ll start saving Summon Tokens / coins now then ! :rofl: :+1:

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