🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

Yeah, I didn’t see that. I’d assumed that the old HoTMs had the same odds as the classic 5*s. If there’s only a small chance of getting an old HoTM than this is indeed, trash. I mean, I"ll continuously run one because I don’t need 7 Elenas, but really ridiculous if the odds are anything lower than 15% to get an old HotM.


What even is the point if the odds are so low for a HotM? If I wanted S1 heroes I would just keep running tc20 and not invest 100+ days (and all the resources) into leveling/researching HA. Give us a greater chance at HotM! If a tester did 100 tests and no HotM, that’s 700 days! Not to mention the food that it took. Another wasted opportunity.


And now SG should add the ability for us to stack trainer heroes like 5X green, so little space and expensive to get too.

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Nice new hero academy

All ppl reacting here now this game is a long grind but also that there is some kind of powercreep in the game.
For instance: I am only missing Joon from S1 so what would be the reason for me to use Rank 10 from HA? A lot of the HOTM’s mentioned are overclassed by the new S3 hero’s who will get prio in levelling which dooms HA to be already useless on paper.
To bad SG keep feeding us S1 stuff for which they already made costumes to make those heros on par with the current S3 and HOTM hero’s. And the FTP ppl will never see a Rank 10 HA since its costs multiple years to get to that point.
And in the meantime I will keep tossing the double useless 5*'s in the meatgrinder.



Classic 5* hero odds

Without transparency I am assuming an odds rate of 1/ 20 for each Classic 5* hero ( 20 total ).

5* HotM odds

Without transparency I am assuming an odds rate of 1/ 480 for each 5* HotM ( 24 total ).

Total odds

Yes, these two do not add up, but these 5* HotM odds are 3.84x better than Legend summons ( 1/ 1,846 for each 5* HotM ).

Hero Academy Loot box unit pricing

Hero Attempts 100% Base food production 100% 24 hour World Energy Hero Academy
Vivica ( any specific Classic 5* hero ) 89+ 150 days+ 61+ days 623+ days ( 1.7+ years )
Gravemaker ( any specific 5* HotM ) 2208+ 3,727+ days ( 10.21+ years ) 1,533+ days ( 4.2+ years ) 15,456+ days ( 42.3+ years )

4* Troop odds

Without transparency I am assuming an odds rate of 1/ 15 for each 4* troop ( 15 total ).

Hero Academy Loot box unit pricing

Troop Attempts 100% Base food production 100% 24 hour World Energy Hero Academy
Red crit 4* troop ( any specific 4* troop ) 66+ 57.81+ days 30.55+ days 462+ days ( 1.264+ years )


Click for notes

Math level 9 ( 4* troops )

6x 5300 per hour
3x 8473 per hour
57,219 per hour

1.203 m food / 57,219 per hour
21.02 hours of 100% Base food production

200 recruits
66.66 World energy at 3 Recruits per World Energy
666.6 minutes

7 days per Academy level 9.

Loot box unit pricing

1/ 15
0.06666 odds
66 summons

Math Level 10 ( 5* Heroes )

6x 5300 per hour
3x 8473 per hour
57,219 per hour

2.318 m food / 57,219 per hour
40.511 hours of 100% Base food production

300 recruits
100 World energy at 3 Recruits per World Energy
1,000 minutes

7 days per Academy level 10.


1/ 20
0.05 odds
89 summons

1/ 20x 1/ 24
1/ 480
0.002083 odds
2208 summons



Please look at implementing something like this for the final version. I’m happy with the exorbitant food/iron/time costs but I would like a chance to retrain Epic Heroes, I think it’s totally reasonable to include the S2 heroes at this point, with S3 being out.

I’m not sure about HotM for HotM (or Event for Event) because I think this will increase the gap between the whales, C2P and FTP, but re-rolling Legendary Heroes for only S1 Classic Legendaries with a ~0.5% at a random HotM sucks.

Please consider some way to include Epic Heroes, and or S2 heroes.


You’re saying we have a chance to get a Gravemaker before 2030? Love it.


I really like that expression! Maybe I’ll try to get English speakers or speakers of other languages I know to use it.

So far, only lvls 1 and 3 seems good enough. A way to burn that books and swords - nice, reduces junk, give food heroes. Other - well, not impressed.
Lvls 2 and 4 are ridiculous. A day for a 1* and two days for 2* troops? I can easily get that from 8-7, with ~7 hours of play. Should give a bunch or take maybe 1 hour and 2 hours.
Lvl 5 is fine, but not useful. People, who can build academy don’t need regular 3* heroes. At least, at that cost. Maybe something like 20k food, 10m time and 10 recruits. That is more or less reasonable.
Lvl 6 - seems reasonable, can’t say anything more now.
Lvl 7 - 60k food seems bit much. Need to see more feedback on percentages, so far seems it should be like 40k maybe, or less. 12h time is also too much. 1h maybe or even less.
lvl 8 - same as lvl 5, can’t say much. Guaranteed 4* is fine, but do players, who can build academy really need season 1 heroes? Maybe if that also include atlantis heroes, it could be useful. Or something like 30k food, 15 recruits and 15m of time.
lvl 9 - useful, but has serious drawbacks. Getting the desired troop if about 11%. Other outcomes - you put food, recruits and time and get another unwanted 4* troop. No improvement and no sign of progress. We should be getting some shards here or train 4* troops from 3* troops. Then this will be something nice.
lvl 10 - not fun at all and not useful. Do anyone in beta actually got a hotm? So, chances are abysmal. If you put horghall and get lianna - that’s fine. But you could put telluria here and get a horghall. Not really a fair trade. Again, worst outcome - you put resources and get literally nothing. Some shards could help, atlantis heroes, signincantly improved chances for hotm also could help. And only one training at a time only makes all this worse. 3 trainings would be fine with fully built and researched academy.


No season 2. At least let me trade season 2 and HOTM for OTHER season 2 and HOTM. I Don’t expect one of my 20 vivicas to turn into Ursena but I don’t want my duplicate Inaris and Misandras turning into my 21st Vivica either. The state of the game the last few months has been terrible and they just keep piling it on.


Even if the % chance for a HotM is 10%, in 10 trainings (70 days) I could reasonably expect 1 old and random HotM. Could be one I already have or one I didn’t want. Again, what even is the point?!

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Only assuming that the HoTM that get added every month do not dilute the odds of getting a specific HoTM evem further. Otherwise, it’s quite realistic that you won’t get Gravemaker this century…


Seconded on this. The current HoTM roll is way too low.


First, thank you small giant for FINALLY introducing hero academy! It took wayyyyy too long to deliver on this but atleast it is finally here.

I am excited at a chance to get a hotm from a duplicate 5* but it sounds like the odds are disappointingly low. If I am going to wait over a week for the results, I’d atleast like to know Id have a fighting chance at getting a hotm.

The most ridiculous part about this is that it will take more than 3 ■■■■■■■ months just to build this! IT TOOK YOU OVER A YEAR JUST TO IMPLEMENT THIS INTO YOUR BETA THE LEAST YOU COULD DO IS GIVE US SOME DECENT BUILD TIMES.


I lol’d so hard at 42.3+ years :rofl:
How about odds on training a garbage hero for an HotM?

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I like the idea of a 25% chance on those old HOTM. That would give you on average 1HOTM/Month. Yeah they could be dupes, or Natalya.


My thought exactly… You can farm Season 1 maps for both 1* and 2* troops – I have 100s of 1* and 2* troops from farming. It’s unbelievable how useless the HA seems to be.

the waiting time should be less than 3 days at the most, since the cost to skip the waiting time has to be a normal summons 350 or 750 gems maximum at the legendary level

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On a side note, the castle map is getting more and more congested with all the coming buildings.


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